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An elevated dog bed, as the name suggests, is raised off the ground, typically supported by a sturdy frame with a taut, breathable fabric stretched across. 

Unlike traditional dog beds that sit directly on the floor, these beds provide a unique combination of comfort and functionality.

Elevated Dog Bed Reviews

While our pets might often be found sprawled on a cool tile or curled up on a couch, these surfaces might not always provide the healthiest environment for them. 

Elevated dog beds promote better airflow, keep your dog away from cold or overly warm floors, and can be a godsend for older pets with arthritis or joint issues, making it easier for them to get up after resting.

Apart from the health advantages, elevated dog beds are also practical. They’re often more durable, easier to clean, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Plus, they offer an extra layer of protection against pests like fleas and mites that might inhabit ground-level bedding.

In this article, we’ve scoured the market to bring you reviews of the best elevated dog beds available. Whether you’re considering one for health reasons, practicality, or simply to spoil your furry friend, our guide is here to help you make the best choice.

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Elevated Dog Beds Reviews

Knowing the best option can be challenging with so many elevated bed brands for dogs on the market. But not to worry, we have researched for you. 

After evaluating dozens of elevated beds for your furry companion, we have shortlisted the best elevated dog bed options here. We have analyzed based on features, customer reviews, and feedback. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the following elevated beds for dogs.

Best Elevated Dog Bed

K9 Chew Resistant Dog Bed

The TALL TAILS K9 COT is not just any dog bed; it stands out with its thoughtfully constructed features. Its anodized aluminum frame is chew-proof, showcasing resistance to rust, corrosion, and the persistent gnawing habits of our canine friends. 

The elevated design of this bed is its signature feature, providing a cool and comfortable resting surface suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments.

The mesh-fabric top offers dual benefits: it encourages ample airflow, ensuring your dog remains cool, and it’s designed to let liquids drain through, keeping your dog dry. 

For pet owners concerned about their dog’s joint health, the orthopedic support offered by this bed is commendable. It shields dogs from hard, warm surfaces while simultaneously delivering comfort and support. 

Furthermore, the bed’s frame construction is both lightweight and robust, making it a reliable resting spot. A notable feature is the construction that cleverly conceals the mesh-fabric edges, ensuring they remain out of reach from potential dog bites.

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The K&H Elevated Dog Bed seamlessly blends innovation with utility. Designed to cater to dogs of various sizes, this bed offers four distinct sizes, ensuring there’s a fit for every canine companion. 

Its raised design is particularly beneficial during the warmer months, ensuring pets remain cool by promoting air circulation and maintaining a commendable 7″ ground clearance. This elevation also effectively keeps pets away from dirt and common ground pests.

Functionality takes center stage with its portability, making it an ideal choice for those on the go, be it for travel, camping, or even picnics. Despite its lightweight nature, the bed’s metal frame combined with a heavy denier cover is impressively sturdy, holding dogs weighing up to 200 pounds with ease.

The bed’s breathable and waterproof mesh center stands out, not only ensuring that moisture is repelled but also resisting mold, mildew, bacteria, and odors. 

Cleaning is no hassle; the cover is both removable and machine-washable, with the option to hose it down outdoors for a thorough clean. Assembling and disassembling this bed is straightforward, eliminating the need for any tools.

Given that the K&H brand boasts over 20 years of experience, the design intricacies of this product reflect their commitment to innovative, quality-driven solutions for pet owners.

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Bolster Elevated Dog Bed

The K&H Original Bolster Elevated Dog Bed offers a sophisticated blend of comfort and functionality tailored for the discerning pet owner. 

The bed’s standout feature is undoubtedly its bolster support, covered in waterproof 600 denier nylon—it promises an enveloping comfort, doubling as a cozy headrest for pets. 

The integration of straps ensures the pad stays in place while offering the flexibility of removal for washing or using the bed as a standard cot.

Good health and comfort go hand in hand. Recognizing this, the bed’s design emphasizes good circulation. Its mesh center combined with an elevated stance ensures pets stay off hard surfaces, facilitating airflow and promoting a healthier resting environment. 

This elevation, with a commendable 7-inch ground clearance, also ensures your furry friend remains protected from damp or cold terrains.

Durability isn’t compromised for comfort. Constructed with a lightweight metal frame and heavy denier cover, this bed confidently supports dogs weighing over 200 pounds. 

Whether indoors or outdoors, its ease of assembly and disassembly, sans tools, makes it a favorite among pet owners who are always on the move. And when it’s time for cleaning? The cover and bolster can be effortlessly removed for machine washing or a quick hose down outdoors.

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Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed

Stepping into the world of elevated dog beds, the Coolaroo Steel-Framed Elevated Dog Bed undoubtedly merits consideration. Its off-the-ground design, raising pets over 7 inches from the ground, champions the concept of airflow from all directions, striving to offer a cooler resting environment for dogs. 

This design proves doubly beneficial, creating suspended platforms that ensure reduced pressure on key areas such as joints.

The fabric plays a pivotal role in the bed’s design. Composed of breathable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), it’s designed to potentially minimize the occurrence of hot spots, ensuring consistent comfort across the bed. 

Pet owners can also breathe a sigh of relief; the fabric’s resistance to common nuisances such as fleas, mites, mold, and mildew makes maintenance a breeze.

Supporting this fabric is a lightweight, powder-coated steel frame that stands as a testament to durability. 

Despite its robust construction, the bed retains its portability, making it apt for indoor and outdoor placements. Catering to various canine sizes, Coolaroo offers this bed in four distinct sizes, ensuring a snug fit for every pet.

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VEEHOO Elevated Dog Bed

Vehoo Elevated Dog Bed

The VEEHOO Elevated Dog Bed stands out not just for its durability but also for its versatility, evident in the range of sizes it offers to cater to varied canine needs. Built from sturdy Textilene Mesh and reinforced with a Powder-Coated Steel frame, it promises longevity.

A major standout is the bed’s Stay Cool Design. Its mesh fabric center promotes airflow, ensuring your pet remains cool during those hot summer days and snug during the chillier ones. 

The bed’s elevation is not just an aesthetic choice. It provides a cleaner, drier, and overall healthier sleeping environment compared to traditional ground-level beds.

For those wary of complicated setups, this bed promises a hassle-free assembly without the need for intricate tools. 

Its portability ensures it’s perfect for both indoor settings and outdoor adventures, including camping and picnics. With its robust construction, concerns over sudden bed collapses are alleviated. Available in four sizes.

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PETMAT Aspen Elevated Dog Bed

Petmat Aspen Elevated Dog Bed

A comfortable resting spot for our beloved canines is paramount. The PETMAT Aspen Elevated Dog Bed delivers both luxury and resilience, making it an ideal choice.

Central to its design is the elevated feature, ensuring that dogs enjoy optimal comfort throughout the year – staying pleasantly cool during summer and comfortably warm during winter. 

Available in two sizes – Medium (35 x 25 x 7 inches) and Large (43 x 32 x 7 inches) – this bed caters to a variety of dog breeds and sizes.

The fabric, bestowed with a durable water-resistant coating, stands up to unexpected spills and dampness. This element of durability is echoed in its steel frame, which promises an uncomplicated assembly process. Furthermore, the introduction of cross bars, which screw directly into the frame, bestows the bed with a fortified rigidity, ensuring it remains a long-standing fixture in your home.

Visually, the PETMAT Aspen is a treat with its chic black frame contrasted by the sophisticated blue fabric. This blend of style and functionality extends to maintenance; the fabric is designed for ease of cleaning.

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KH covered elevated dog bed

Elevate your canine’s relaxation with the K&H Covered Elevated Dog Bed, a meticulously designed sanctuary that promises both comfort and security.

This bed comes in three tailored sizes: Large (42 x 30 x 32 inches), Medium (32 x 25 x 28 inches), and Small (22 x 17 x 22 inches), ensuring a snug fit for your pup, regardless of their size. One of its standout features is the waterproof, heavy denier fabric cover. 

Crafted from 600 denier nylon fabric, it offers shelter from sunlight and outdoor adversities, affirming its dual utility for both indoor and outdoor environments.

But it’s not just about shelter. With two zippered windows and an open entrance, the bed ensures ample air circulation, promoting a breezy, relaxed ambiance for your pet. Furthermore, the raised design adds a protective barrier against pests, ensuring a peaceful, undisturbed rest.

The robust metal frame, capable of holding up to 200 pounds, guarantees durability, ensuring that this bed remains a permanent fixture in your dog’s life.

Lastly, the assembly and maintenance process has been simplified to its core – no tools are required for setting up, and the removable covers and canopy facilitate easy washing.

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PAWHUT Elevated Dog Bed

PawHut Elevated Dog Bed

When it comes to giving your canine companion a restful respite, the PAWHUT Elevated Cooling Summer Dog Cot stands out as a remarkable choice. Boasting a size of 36 x 30 x 7 inches, this bed promises to be more than just a resting place for your furry friend.

Elevating pets 7 inches above the ground, the design embodies a dual purpose: ensuring coolness during scorching summer days while also providing a comfort unparalleled by traditional beds. 

The breathable mesh, aptly suited for pets weighing up to 110 pounds, guarantees a ventilated, relaxed, and secure environment.

One cannot help but admire the sleek and modern curved design, which lends a contemporary flair to any space.

Built with a lightweight yet robust steel frame, the bed ensures durability while maintaining a chic aesthetic.

But it’s not just about aesthetics and comfort. Practicality is woven into its very fabric. Its compact design facilitates effortless folding, making it convenient for storage or travel.

Whether it’s for indoor lounging, outdoor relaxation, camping escapades, or daily use, this elevated bed from PAWHUT rises to the occasion in style.

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K9 BALLISTICS Elevated Dog Bed

K9 Indestructible dog bed

When it comes to canine companions with a penchant for destruction, the K9 BALLISTICS Elevated Dog Bed stands as a beacon of resilience and design superiority. Designed explicitly for persistent chewers, this bed is built to endure, ensuring no dog turns it into a ragged relic.

Starting with its construction, the bed utilizes a full aluminum frame, known for its strength and longevity. The sleeping surface, crafted from ripstop ballistic fabric, defies destructive behaviors. This combination makes the bed not just chew-resistant but practically indestructible.

Designed with adaptability in mind, this bed snugly fits all standard-sized dog crates, ensuring safety without compromising on comfort. The bed comes in five varying sizes: Giant (50 x 33 x 7 inches) to Small (29 x 18 x 3.5 inches), accommodating the vast majority of dog breeds.

One of the defining features of this bed is its 120 Day Chew Proof Armored Warranty. If any component gets damaged due to chewing within 120 days of the purchase, K9 BALLISTICS commits to a one-time free replacement, signifying confidence in their product.

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HDP Elevated Dog Bed

HDP Elevated Dog Bed

HDP brings forth a compelling solution for dogs in search of comfort across various terrains with its Elevated Dog Bed. 

It stands as a bastion against cold, heat, dampness, and irregular surfaces, providing a haven of rest, especially for our aging canine companions with arthritic conditions.

The fabric, a heavy-duty polyester Oxford, exhibits remarkable resilience against the elements, boasting both water and UV resistance. Furthermore, maintenance is a breeze; the cover is conveniently removable, facilitating effortless cleaning sessions.

Its frame – a robust amalgamation of powder-coated, rust-resistant steel – affirms its longevity. The bed isn’t merely a stationary comfort zone, either. 

Thanks to its spring locks, you can assemble and disassemble it within seconds sans tools, making it an optimal choice for those always on the move, from a park day out to camping adventures.

Available in two sizes – Large (36 x 30 x 7 inches) and Extra Large (48 x 36 x 9 inches), this bed comfortably supports dogs weighing up to 150 lbs and 200 lbs, respectively. 

Its design considers stability, with the Large size incorporating a center leg, while the X-Large has two for enhanced support.

Additionally, HDP goes a step further by providing two covers – a dark one ideal for the chillier seasons and a light gray variant, which remains cool even under a blazing sun.

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KURANDA Dog Bed, ChewProof Design

K9 Chew Resistant Dog Bed

Since its debut in 1995, KURANDA has established a noteworthy reputation in the realm of dog bedding with its patented chewproof design. Engineered in Maryland, the bed’s craftsmanship, evident from its very form, is a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality and innovation.

The bed’s frame, constructed from high-strength, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, stands resilient against even the most enthusiastic of dogs. It’s not just about strength – with the ability to support up to 250 lbs, this bed confidently serves a broad spectrum of canine breeds.

The elevated orthopedic design underscores KURANDA’s commitment to canine comfort. Whether indoors or outdoors, it ensures dogs remain dry, cool, and rested. The choice of fabric – a heavy-duty 40 oz Solid Vinyl – is ideal for our fur friends who can’t resist a dig, and for those heavier in weight.

Cleanliness is straightforward with this bed, and its resistance to UV ensures it remains in prime condition even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Furthermore, the bed comes in six sizes, ensuring a fit for almost every dog, from the most petite to the grandest.

The oversized rails, larger than most competitors, cleverly incorporate the fabric into the frame, ensuring longevity and even support. This bed isn’t just about functionality; it’s about the health of your dog’s joints.

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NIUBYA Elevated Dog Bed

Niubya Elevated Dog Bed

Introducing the NIUBYA Elevated Dog Bed: a culmination of thoughtful design and practicality, ensuring dogs enjoy the ultimate comfort indoors and outdoors. Constructed with the robust 1680D Oxford fabric, this bed boasts durability that goes hand-in-hand with its aesthetic appeal.

One of its standout features is the breathable mesh which facilitates optimal air circulation. This not only offers a refreshing resting spot for dogs but also significantly enhances their comfort during hotter seasons. 

Speaking of heat, the NIUBYA bed comes with a detachable canopy – a feature not commonly found in other elevated dog beds. This canopy provides ample shade, ensuring your dog is shielded from the scorching sun and harmful UV rays.

Designed for all seasons, this bed seamlessly transitions from an outdoor sun-shield to a comfy indoor haven just by detaching its canopy. Its elevated design, raising your pet 9.1 inches off the ground, offers dual benefits: it protects your pet from unfavorable ground temperatures and provides relief to its joints.

The steel frame, complemented with non-skid feet, guarantees stability. Additionally, with the inclusion of two middle beams and the top-tier fabric, this bed confidently supports pets weighing up to 135 lbs. Setting up the NIUBYA Elevated Dog Bed is a breeze, requiring no tools or additional hardware.

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Dog Bed Elevated: What Are The Benefits?

Elevated dog beds, sometimes referred to as cot-style dog beds, offer a range of benefits both for our furry friends and for pet owners. Here’s a detailed look into the advantages of these beds:

Improved Air Circulation

The raised design allows air to flow freely beneath the bed, providing a cooler resting place during hot months. This can be especially beneficial for dogs with thick fur or those that tend to overheat easily.

Joint and Bone Health

Elevated beds provide firm, even support that can be particularly beneficial for older dogs or those with arthritis. They alleviate pressure points and can make it easier for a dog to rise from a resting position.

Hygiene and Health

By keeping dogs off the ground, elevated beds can reduce the chance of them coming into contact with pests like fleas, ticks, and mites. Additionally, being off the ground means reduced exposure to cold in the winter and hot surfaces in the summer.


Many elevated dog beds are made from sturdy materials that can resist wear and tear. They can handle a dog’s weight without sagging over time, unlike some cushioned beds.

Easy Maintenance

The design and materials used for most elevated beds make them easier to clean. They can often be hosed down, wiped, or even taken apart for a thorough cleaning. Additionally, they dry faster, preventing mold or mildew growth.


Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether in the living room, patio, or during camping trips, elevated beds are adaptable to various environments.

Prevents Floor Damage

Especially on hardwood or tiled floors, an excited dog jumping on and off a traditional bed can cause scrapes and scratches. Elevated beds, with their non-slip feet, are often more stable.

Space Saving

Some designs can be easily folded, making them portable and great for travel.

Reduces Odor

With improved air circulation and materials that don’t absorb smells as easily, elevated beds can help reduce the ‘doggy smell’ that sometimes emanates from cushion beds.

Water Resistance

Many elevated dog beds are made with water-resistant materials, ensuring they remain dry even if left out in the rain or if a spill occurs.

Safety from Pests

Since the bed is raised off the ground, it minimizes the chances of crawling pests, such as ants or spiders, from getting onto the bed, providing a safer resting place for your pet.

Less Stress on Pressure Points

The consistent support offered by the taut fabric of elevated beds can alleviate undue stress on a dog’s pressure points, leading to more restful sleep and less discomfort.

A Defined Space

Elevated dog beds give your pet a clear, designated space of their own. This can help with training and gives dogs a sense of security, knowing they have a consistent place to retreat.

UV Resistance

Some elevated dog beds come with fabric that is UV resistant, ensuring that they don’t degrade quickly when placed under direct sunlight. This makes them ideal for outdoor use.

Prevents Bed Sores

Especially for dogs that spend a lot of time resting or older canines, the support of an elevated bed can reduce the risk of developing bed sores compared to lying on hard surfaces.


Elevated beds can be a better option for dogs with allergies. The increased airflow and the ease of cleaning can reduce the accumulation of allergens, such as dust mites or pollen.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Modern elevated dog beds come in various designs and styles, often adding a touch of sophistication to a home’s decor compared to bulkier cushioned beds.

Reduced Wear on Home Furnishings: By providing a dedicated, comfortable space for pets, dogs might be less inclined to jump onto sofas, chairs, or human beds, reducing wear and tear on home furnishings.

Cost-Effective in the Long Run

While the initial investment might be higher than some traditional beds, the durability and longevity of well-made elevated beds can make them more cost-effective over time.

Adaptable to Health Needs

For dogs that require orthopedic support, or those recovering from surgeries or injuries, elevated beds can be paired with supportive orthopedic mats or blankets to offer tailored comfort.

Factors To Consider When Buying Elevated Bed For Dogs

When investing in an elevated dog bed for your furry companion, it’s essential to take into account several factors to ensure you choose the right one. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision:

Size of the Bed

Ensure that the bed is appropriately sized for your dog. It should be large enough for them to stretch out comfortably without hanging off the edges.

Weight Capacity

Check the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit for the bed. It should be able to safely support your dog’s weight without sagging or collapsing.

Material Quality

Look for durable, non-toxic materials, especially if your dog tends to chew. Breathable fabrics, such as mesh or durable vinyl weave, can offer added comfort.

Frame Durability

The frame should be sturdy, often made from steel or reinforced plastic. A robust frame ensures the bed remains stable and has a longer lifespan.


If you travel often with your dog or plan to move the bed frequently, consider models that are lightweight or come with foldable designs for ease of transport.

Ease of Cleaning: Choose a bed made from materials that are easy to wipe down, wash, or hose off. Some models even come with removable covers for hassle-free washing.

UV and Water Resistance

For outdoor use, consider beds that offer resistance to UV rays to prevent degradation from sunlight. Water-resistant materials will also ensure the bed remains dry in damp conditions.

Safety Features

Non-slip feet can prevent the bed from sliding on slick floors, while features like rounded corners can prevent potential injuries.

Aesthetic Appeal

With a range of designs available, you might want to choose a style that complements your home’s decor.

Height Off the Ground

Depending on your dog’s needs (e.g., older dogs or those with joint issues), the height of the bed off the ground can be a crucial factor. Some dogs may prefer a bed that’s just slightly elevated, while others might benefit from being higher off the ground.

Price and Warranty

While it’s essential to find a bed within your budget, it’s equally important to ensure it offers good value for money. A warranty can also provide peace of mind regarding the product’s durability.

Additional Features

Some elevated beds come with added features like canopies for shade, orthopedic support layers, or even heating elements for colder climates.

Customer Reviews

Always check reviews from other pet owners. They can provide insight into the bed’s durability, comfort level, and any potential issues.


Check if the bed comes with, or has available, additional accessories like replacement covers, plush mats, or bolstered sides for added comfort.

Ease of Assembly

Most elevated beds are easy to assemble, but it’s still worth considering how straightforward the process is, especially if you plan to disassemble and reassemble the bed frequently.

Dog Elevated Bed FAQs

An elevated dog bed is a bed raised off the ground, usually supported by a frame with a taut, breathable fabric stretched across.

Yes, they enhance air circulation, help control pests, and reduce pressure on joints, particularly beneficial in hot climates.

Elevated beds offer benefits like improved air circulation, joint support, and protection from pests. They can also be more durable and hygienic than traditional beds.

Yes, puppies can use elevated beds. However, ensure the bed’s height is appropriate so the puppy can easily get on and off.

Yes, they’re versatile. In hot climates, they promote airflow and cooling, while in cold climates, they keep dogs off the cold floor.

Most elevated beds can be wiped down, hosed off, or taken apart for a thorough cleaning. Check the manufacturer’s care instructions for specific guidelines.

While many elevated beds are made of durable materials, no bed is entirely chew-proof. However, some beds are designed to be more resistant to chewing than others.

Most elevated dog beds require some assembly, but they typically come with all the necessary tools and instructions, making the process straightforward.

Many elevated beds are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. If you plan to use it outside, opt for beds with UV and water-resistant materials.

Measure your dog when they’re lying down fully stretched out, and ensure the bed dimensions exceed this length and width for optimal comfort.

They can be, as they ease the strain on joints during rest and provide firm support, although some arthritic dogs might need additional cushioning.

Yes, they provide optimal support for joint health, benefit senior or injured dogs, and often use memory foam for comfort.

Yes, by being off the ground, they reduce your dog’s exposure to crawling pests like fleas, ticks, and mites.

Absolutely. The raised design promotes better airflow beneath the bed, offering a cooler resting place during hotter months.

They’re beneficial in winter too, keeping your dog off the cold floor and potentially damp surfaces.

Yes, thanks to improved air circulation and materials that don’t absorb smells as easily, elevated beds can help in minimizing the ‘doggy smell’.

Often, yes. Many are designed with sturdy frames and robust fabrics that can resist wear and tear more effectively than traditional cushioned beds.

Indeed. The ease of cleaning and increased airflow can reduce the accumulation of allergens, making them a good choice for dogs with allergies.

Some designs are foldable or easily disassembled, making them space-efficient when not in use or during travels.

Absolutely. Many elevated beds are versatile and can be used in both settings, especially if they’re made of UV and water-resistant materials.

While individual preferences vary, many dogs find the firm, even support of elevated beds comfortable, especially when paired with a soft blanket or mat.

While the initial cost might be higher than some traditional beds, their durability and longevity can offer better value in the long run.


Choosing the perfect elevated dog bed for your furry companion is no small task, given the plethora of options available in the market. As our comprehensive guide has shown, there are distinct features, materials, and designs that cater to the unique needs of every dog and their owner. 

Whether it’s durability, orthopedic support, indoor or outdoor functionality, or simply aesthetic appeal, there’s an elevated bed out there tailored for your pet. Remember, investing in a quality bed is not just about providing a resting space for your dog, but also ensuring their overall well-being, joint health, and comfort.

By considering the insights from our reviews, you’re now better equipped to make an informed decision, ensuring that your pet gets the comfort and support they deserve.

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