Outdoor Dog Gates


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An outdoor dog gate is a barrier designed to keep your dog contained within a specific outdoor area, like a deck, patio, or set of stairs. These gates can prevent unwanted escapes, and accidents, and ensure your pet remains where you can keep an eye on them.

As much as our dogs love to roam, there are numerous hazards outdoors. From the potential of slipping downstairs to the risk of wandering off or getting into a hazardous substance, an outdoor gate serves as a protective measure. Moreover, not all areas of our homes or gardens may be dog-friendly or safe.

Outdoor dog gate

An outdoor dog gate is more than just a physical barrier. It provides peace of mind to owners, knowing their dogs can enjoy the fresh air without getting into harm’s way. Furthermore, with the right gate, you can create designated play zones, training areas, or relaxation spots that are free from outdoor hazards.

Dive into this article as we review the best outdoor dog gates for your deck, patio, and stairs, ensuring that your beloved four-legged friend can safely enjoy the great outdoors.

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Outdoor Gates for Dog Reviews

Knowing the best option can be challenging with so many outdoor gate brands for dogs on the market. But not to worry, we have researched for you. 

After evaluating dozens of outdoor gates for your furry companion, we have shortlisted the best outdoor gates for dog options here. We have analyzed based on features, customer reviews, and feedback. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the following outdoor gates for dogs.

Best Outdoor Dog Gates

Carlson Pet Products Outdoor Extra Tall Super Wide Outdoor Dog Gate

The Carlson Pet Products Extra Tall Super Wide Outdoor Gate stands out as a versatile solution for homeowners with large, energetic dogs. With a height of 3 feet, it effectively restrains even those dogs with a penchant for jumping, ensuring they have a secure play area on decks and patios. 

This gate is not just about height, though; its width is equally commendable. With six 24-inch panels, the gate can span up to 12 feet, providing ample coverage for wide openings. Alternatively, it can be transformed into a fully enclosed pen, giving dogs a defined play space.

Accessibility hasn’t been overlooked in its design. The gate features a 16-inch walk-through door with a slide lock, allowing for easy human passage.

In addition, a separate 9 x 8-inch door has been integrated to permit smaller pets to pass through, a thoughtful touch ensuring that all pets, irrespective of their size, are catered to.

Durability is another hallmark of this product. Constructed entirely of steel, the gate promises resilience against various weather conditions, be it rain or snow, making it apt for year-round outdoor usage. 

Mounting the gate is a breeze, thanks to the provided hardware, ensuring it fastens securely to walls or banisters.

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The Summer Multi-Function Walk Thru Dog Gate presents itself as a functional addition to the toolkit of pet owners, particularly those frequently on the go. Its standout feature is the extra-wide door that grants hassle-free access, requiring just a single-handed operation—a boon for multitaskers.

Boasting versatility in installation, this gate offers the option of pressure mounting or hardware mounting, catering to both temporary and permanent setups. Its dimensions, standing at 28 inches tall and accommodating widths between 27.5 and 42 inches, ensure compatibility with a range of spaces, from doorways to decks.

Safety has been prioritized. The door securely latches, ensuring pets are safely confined, while a specially designed stopper ensures that when placed over stairs, the gate doesn’t swing outwards. 

A commendable design feature is the suspended door, eliminating a threshold and thereby reducing tripping hazards—an aspect that enhances its utility not just for pets but also for households with toddlers.

Its construction from rugged plastic not only assures longevity but also ensures ease of use. The gate’s ability to be placed indoors and outdoors, paired with the dual functionality of serving as both a pet and baby gate, amplifies its value proposition.

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Carlson Pet Products Weatherproof Super Wide Dog Gate Outdoor

The Carlson Pet Products Weatherproof Outdoor Super Wide Gate emerges as a thoughtful solution for pet owners keen on offering their pets an outdoor play space without compromising on safety. 

Its flexibility lies in the provision of six 24-inch hinged panels, allowing users to gate off extensive areas, with a maximum width of 144 inches. Thus, whether it’s a sprawling porch or a segmented lawn, this gate has it covered.

At a height of 28 inches, it provides an adequate barrier for most breeds, ensuring they are safely confined. 

The robust all-steel construction promises resilience against the varying challenges of outdoor conditions, standing tall, whether under the blazing sun or amidst pouring rain.

The hardware-mounted design ensures a firm setup, aided by the inclusive mounting equipment. Furthermore, this gate caters to accessibility with its walk-through door, which comes with a sliding release safety lock, and the additional smaller pet door at the bottom, designed to grant passage for smaller pets.

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Cardinal Outdoor Dog Gate

The CARDINAL Outdoor Dog Gate boasts a blend of functionality and durability that’s hard to overlook. A testament to its robust design is the absence of plastic components, with the gate being constructed entirely of resilient materials, ensuring optimal strength.

Measuring 29.5 inches in height and with an adjustable width ranging from 27 to 42.5 inches, it provides a flexible barrier suited to various outdoor spaces. The incorporation of a one-handed operation latch underlines the thoughtful design, making accessibility effortless. 

One of its standout features is its ability to be mounted at angles up to 30 degrees. This unique capability accommodates installations in unconventional areas and proves particularly handy when aligning with offset deck posts.

The choice of stainless steel and aluminum for its construction, coupled with weatherproof hardware, showcases its readiness for the outdoors, be it a sunny patio or a rain-soaked deck. 

The gate’s powder-coated finish not only enhances its aesthetics but also assures rust resistance and weatherproofing. In addition, potential buyers can find solace in the one-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects, reflecting the brand’s confidence in the product.

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Carlson Outdoor Dog Gate

Outdoor spaces can be a delightful retreat for our canine companions, but ensuring their safety remains paramount. Enter the CARLSON Weatherproof Dog Gate, a product carefully designed to bridge the gap between security and functionality. 

Positioned as an outdoor staple, its weatherproof design promises resilience against nature’s unpredictabilities, ensuring that your porch or patio remains a secure haven for your dog.

Its dimensions are equally noteworthy: standing at a considerable height of 33 inches, it manages to cover openings ranging from 29 to 42 inches, making it adaptable to various setups. 

The walk-through design, supplemented by a slide lock, ensures human accessibility without compromising the gate’s primary purpose. The thoughtful inclusion of a 10″ x 7″ door at its base, designed specifically for smaller pets, ensures that every member of your furry family is catered to.

A testament to its durability, the gate’s construction boasts an all-steel frame, guaranteeing a chew-proof and long-lasting barrier. Additionally, the pressure-mount design ensures ease of setup, doing away with the need for drilling holes, while also facilitating easy relocation. 

Whether you’re looking to secure a doorway, hallway, or the base of your stairs, this gate’s versatility is bound to impress. To further its usability, it’s also been designed to be lightweight, allowing for effortless portability and storage.

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Etna Wooden Heart Shape Design Dog Gate Indoor

Etna Pet Store Wooden Heart Shape Design Pet Gate is a stylish solution that keeps your beloved pets safely confined. This beautifully designed gate not only reflects the love we have for our furry friends but also offers a practical way to set boundaries.

The heart-shaped wooden designs subtly hint at the love we have for our furry companions. Beyond its visual appeal, it offers a practical solution for keeping dogs safely confined, whether it’s to protect your meticulously curated garden or simply to set boundaries within your home.

The gate’s free-standing feature makes it versatile and easily adjustable. It can comfortably span various doorway sizes, ensuring adaptability to diverse setups. 

The ability to stretch out to 47 inches in length, 25 inches in width, and 19 inches in height ensures ample coverage, while its foldable nature guarantees a hassle-free storage solution. 

The gate’s wooden composition not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also ensures robustness and longevity.

A note on its weight: being lightweight means you can quickly position it at various entryways as required. This feature, combined with its solid wooden build, promises both durability and mobility.

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Benefits Of Outdoor Dog Gates

Outdoor dog gates are indispensable tools for many dog owners, offering a host of advantages. Here are some notable benefits of using outdoor dog gates:

Safety First

One of the primary reasons dog owners invest in outdoor gates is safety. Whether it’s preventing your dog from wandering onto a busy road, avoiding potential encounters with wildlife, or stopping them from accessing dangerous areas like pools or barbecues, gates act as protective barriers.

Designated Play Zones

With a gate, you can create a secure zone for your dog to play in, ensuring they have ample space without the risks associated with unrestricted outdoor access.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your dog is safely contained can give owners peace of mind. Whether you’re busy with household chores, entertaining guests, or tending to the garden, you won’t need to constantly keep an eye on your pup.

Training Tool

Gates can be used as a training tool, especially for puppies or newly adopted dogs. It can help them understand boundaries and restrict them from areas where they might develop bad habits, like digging up plants or flowers.

Protection of Property

Some dogs have a knack for digging, chewing, or otherwise causing a ruckus. Gates can protect certain areas of your property (like gardens, ponds, or special equipment) from your dog’s adventurous antics.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Outdoor dog gates come in various sizes, designs, and functionalities. Whether you have a small patio or a sprawling backyard, you can find a gate that fits your needs.


Many modern outdoor dog gates are designed to be not only functional but also visually appealing. This means you can maintain (or even enhance) the aesthetic of your outdoor space while providing a secure area for your dog.

Ease of Socialization

If you have more than one pet or frequently have canine guests over, gates can help introduce new dogs to each other in a controlled manner, reducing potential conflicts.

Preventing Escapes

Some dogs are skilled escape artists. A well-chosen and properly installed outdoor dog gate can deter even the most persistent of escape attempts.

Increased Property Value

For potential homebuyers who are also dog lovers, a well-installed and attractive outdoor dog gate can be a selling point, potentially increasing property appeal and value.

Reduced Anxiety for Owners

Especially for owners of dogs that are prone to running away or getting into mischief, having an outdoor dog gate can significantly reduce the anxiety associated with letting them outside.

Minimized External Threats

A gate can prevent unwanted animals, such as stray dogs, raccoons, or even aggressive neighbor pets, from entering your property and possibly harming or upsetting your dog.

Space Management

If you’re hosting an event or have visitors who are allergic or scared of dogs, you can use the gate to keep your canine companion in a specific area, ensuring the comfort of your guests.

Health Benefits

An outdoor gate can provide a contained space for dogs who are recovering from surgery or an illness, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors without overexerting themselves or getting into areas that might harm their recovery.

Weather Protection

Some outdoor gates come with features that protect your pet from harsh weather conditions, be it strong sun, rain, or snow, ensuring they can be outside without being directly exposed to the elements.

Improved Behavior

By setting clear boundaries using an outdoor gate, dogs can better understand where they are allowed to go and where they are not, which can lead to improved overall behavior both outdoors and indoors.


Many outdoor dog gates are portable or easy to reconfigure, allowing for flexibility in how and where they’re used. This means they can adapt to various situations or property changes.

Protection for Young Kids

While primarily designed for dogs, these gates can also act as barriers for young children, ensuring they don’t wander into areas where they might get hurt, like a pool area.

Ease of Maintenance

Many modern outdoor dog gates are made with materials that resist weathering, rusting, or degradation, making them low-maintenance and long-lasting.

Integration with Smart Homes

Some advanced gates can be integrated with smart home systems, allowing for remote monitoring, automatic locking or unlocking, or even integration with cameras for an added layer of security and convenience.

Factors To Consider When Buying Dog Gates For Outdoors

When investing in an outdoor gate for dogs, several factors come into play to ensure you choose the right one. Here are some essential factors to consider:

Size and Height

Measure the area where you plan to install the gate and ensure the gate fits perfectly. Additionally, consider the height, especially if you have a larger dog or a jumper; the gate should be tall enough to prevent them from leaping over.


Since the gate will be outdoors, it should be made of durable materials that can withstand weather changes, rust, and general wear and tear. Look for gates made of weather-resistant metals or treated wood.


The latch or locking mechanism should be strong enough to prevent your dog from pushing through. Some gates offer double-lock mechanisms or even padlock capabilities for added security.

Ease of Installation

Depending on where you’re placing the gate, you’ll want an installation process that’s straightforward and doesn’t require significant alterations to your property.


If you anticipate needing to move the gate or use it in different locations, consider a gate that’s easy to reposition or transport.

Design and Aesthetics

The gate should complement the aesthetic of your outdoor space. There are many stylish options available that can enhance the look of your deck, patio, or stairs.


Consider if you want a gate with slats close together for minimal visibility or wider gaps to allow your dog to see through. Some gates even have mesh or wire designs.

Safety Features

If placed near stairs, the gate should have added safety features to prevent accidents. This might include a bottom bar that’s flush with the ground to prevent tripping or specially designed hinges.

Ease of Use

The gate should be easy for humans to open and close, but not for the dog. Some gates have one-handed operation, which can be particularly useful when carrying items or dealing with a lively pet.


Heavier gates tend to be sturdier and less likely to be knocked down by a strong or energetic dog. However, if portability is essential, you might want to compromise on weight for easier maneuverability.


Some gates can be expanded with additional panels or extensions, offering flexibility if you decide to secure a larger area in the future.


Beyond durability, consider the material for other factors like aesthetics, weight, and maintenance requirements. Common materials include metal, wood, and heavy-duty plastic.


Establish a budget beforehand and look for a gate that offers the best value for your money. Sometimes, spending a bit more upfront can save costs in the long run due to a gate’s durability and longevity.

Reviews and Recommendations

Before making a purchase, read reviews from other dog owners. Their experiences can offer insights into the gate’s real-world performance and durability.

Special Features

Some gates come with additional features like built-in pet doors for smaller animals, self-closing mechanisms, or integration with smart home systems.


Most outdoor dog gates are designed to be weather-resistant, but it’s essential to check the materials and any protective coatings to ensure longevity in various weather conditions.

While some gates are designed for permanent installation, many models are portable and can be easily repositioned or removed as needed.

Consider the size and jumping ability of your dog. Typically, gates should be tall enough so that your dog can’t jump over them. A general rule is to choose a gate at least a few inches taller than your dog’s height at the shoulder.

It depends on the design. Some gates offer a clear view with wide gaps or mesh designs, while others might be more solid. Choose one that balances functionality with aesthetics based on your preferences.

Most gates can be cleaned with mild soap and water. It’s essential to periodically check for signs of wear or rust, especially if made of metal, and address any issues promptly.

Many dog gates can double as safety barriers for young children, but always check the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensure that the locking mechanisms are childproof.

Some gates offer expandability features, where you can add panels or extensions. Always check the product specifications or consult with the manufacturer.

Many outdoor dog gates are designed for non-invasive installation, but it’s essential to follow the installation guidelines closely and choose a gate appropriate for your space to avoid any damage.

Most outdoor dog gates come with user-friendly instructions and can be installed by homeowners. However, if you’re unsure or the installation seems complex, it might be wise to consult a professional.

Ensure the gate has a sturdy frame, and robust locking mechanism, and is appropriately anchored or installed. Regularly check for any weak points or signs of wear.

Yes, many brands offer gates tailored for smaller breeds or puppies, often featuring closer-set bars or mesh to prevent them from squeezing through.

While primarily designed for dogs, many gates are effective at keeping out larger wildlife. However, for smaller pests, ensure the gate has a fine mesh or closely spaced bars.

Some gates are modular and adjustable, allowing for customization to fit irregular spaces. Always measure your area and compare it with the gate’s specifications.

Quality gates are designed to prevent such incidents. Always choose a gate with bar spacing appropriate for your dog’s size.

With proper maintenance and care, many outdoor gates can last several years. However, the exact longevity often depends on the materials used and exposure to the elements.

Yes, some gates feature a self-closing mechanism, which is especially useful to ensure the gate is never accidentally left open.

Most gates come with all necessary hardware and can be installed with basic tools like a screwdriver or drill. Check the product’s installation guide for specifics.

Many outdoor gates can be used indoors, especially those that are portable. However, for indoor use, consider the gate’s aesthetics and if it matches your interior decor.

Premium gates are designed to withstand significant force. If you have a larger breed or an especially energetic dog, look for gates labeled as heavy-duty or robust.

Many manufacturers offer replacement parts for their products. It’s advisable to buy a gate from a reputable brand that provides after-sales support and spare parts.


Making the right choice in outdoor dog gates is about balancing the safety of your beloved pet with the functionality and aesthetic of your outdoor spaces. Throughout this review, we’ve detailed various top-tier options, emphasizing their unique strengths and features. 

Whether you have a lively large dog or are simply looking for something that seamlessly blends with your patio’s design, there’s a suitable gate on the list. It’s essential to weigh factors like material durability, installation ease, and adaptability to your space. 

Ultimately, the goal is to find a gate that offers peace of mind, ensuring your pet’s safety while complementing your outdoor living area. With the insights from this review, making an informed decision should be a breeze.

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