Dog Carrier For Bike Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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A dog carrier for bikes is a specially designed container that keeps your furry friend safe and snug while you pedal away. It’s an essential accessory for dog owners who love to bring their four-legged buddy along on bike rides. 

Bike carrier for dogs allow you to share the thrill of the ride with your Fido, make it easier to take them to places that might be challenging to reach on foot, and ensure their well-being by offering a secure, comfortable space during transit. Moreover, it also keep you, the rider, safe by preventing dogs from causing unpredictable movements.

Best Dog Carrier For Bike Reviews

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of dog carriers for bikes, providing you with comprehensive reviews of the top products on the market.

We’ll equip you with the knowledge you need to select the best fit for your dog and your lifestyle. So strap in, and prepare for a more pet-friendly cycling experience.

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Dog Carrier For Bike Reviews

Knowing the best option can be challenging with so many dog bike carrier brands on the market. But not to worry, we have researched for you. 

After evaluating dozens of bike dog carriers, we have shortlisted the best dog carrier options for bikes for your consideration. We have analyzed based on features, product dimension, customer reviews, and feedback. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the following dog bike carrier.

Best Dog Carrier For Bikes



The PETSAFE Happy Ride Wicker Dog Bike Basket stands out in the pet carrier market for its perfect blend of function and style. 

Designed with a sleek, oriental aesthetic, this compact rattan wicker construction slots seamlessly onto Japanese-style bikes, offering an elegant, classy look that will turn heads.

At the heart of its design is your pet’s comfort and hygiene. The basket comes equipped with default soft cotton bedding that’s plush and welcoming, encouraging even the most apprehensive dogs to hop in. 

The standout feature here is the luxurious sheepskin bedding, providing unparalleled comfort for your dog during your rides. The sheepskin lining is easily removable and washable, ensuring that cleanliness is never compromised.

This basket isn’t only about aesthetics and comfort; it’s also an ideal carrier for hot weather. The wicker material allows breathability, ensuring your pet stays cool even on the warmest days. For extra protection, it comes with an attachable canopy to shield your pet from the sun’s harmful rays.

Installation is a breeze with brackets that securely attach to the center of your bike’s handlebar. These brackets are adjustable, preventing any interference with the brake cables during installation. 

The design allows for easy, one-handed installation and removal, and the secure fit eliminates wobbling or swaying during your ride.

The PETSAFE Happy Ride Wicker Dog Bike Basket is suitable for both large and small breeds, supporting weights of up to 13 pounds. The interior safety leash adds an extra layer of security, ensuring your pet stays put throughout the journey.

Despite its compact size, this carrier doesn’t compromise on quality or durability. The wicker is weather-resistant, designed to withstand the elements, and the basket comes with a removable sun shield, which is a standout feature for bikers in warmer climates.

Dimensions: 16.5 length x 10 width inches

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The Snoozer Front Bike Basket for Dogs sets the bar high when it comes to a reliable, space-efficient, and practical solution for carrying small dogs. 

Its design is centered around low sidings that allow your petite pooch to stand up and enjoy the ride, resting its chin comfortably on a specially-designed wrist rest. 

This thoughtful feature, combined with a wide opening, ensures your pet is at ease during your cycling adventures.

The Snoozer goes a step further by integrating practical storage solutions. The front panel boasts two zipper pockets, the smaller of which can accommodate a water bottle, while the larger can store essentials such as your phone and charger.

This basket shines when it comes to capacity, comfortably fitting two small dogs with a maximum weight limit of 15 pounds. This ensures your furry companions can share the ride, boosting the enjoyment factor for them and you.

While the design lacks a sunshade, the manufacturers astutely include a rain cover stored in one of the side pockets. This cover fits the basket perfectly, shielding your pets from unexpected downpours without being blown away by the wind.

The Snoozer attaches securely to the handlebar via straps. For enhanced stability, it’s worth considering additional braces or plastic ties.

In terms of construction, the basket features an easy-to-clean micro-wipe fabric, adding to its convenience. The included chin rest and an inner leash clip contribute to a safe and comfortable journey for your pet.

To summarize, the Snoozer Front Bike Basket is a well-thought-out, feature-rich pet carrier that places equal emphasis on your pet’s comfort and the practical needs of a bike rider.

Dimensions: 10 length x 13 width x 10 height inches

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PetSafe Happy Ride Sport Dog Basket for Bike is designed with a focus on flexibility, safety, and comfort. It comes with a removable sun shield to protect your pet from harsh sunshine, ensuring a pleasant ride in all weather conditions.

Installation is straightforward with this nylon carrier, simply attaching to your bike’s handlebars. For your pet’s extra safety, the basket includes a safety tether that you can conveniently attach to your pup’s harness. 

This basket is an ideal choice for small-breed dogs, boasting a supportive capacity of up to 13 pounds.

One of the standout features of this product is the included shoulder strap, transforming your bike basket into a portable dog carrier once you’re off your bike. This versatility is a game-changer, offering you two essential pet accessories in one.

Storage has also been taken into account, with three dedicated pockets for carrying all the essentials. 

From dog treats, leashes, and waste bags to your items like a mobile phone and wallet, everything has a place in the PetSafe Happy Ride Sport Dog Basket.

In summary, this product seamlessly blends convenience, safety, and versatility. Whether you’re cycling around the city or exploring countryside lanes, the PetSafe Happy Ride Sport Dog Basket ensures your small dog can safely join you for the adventure.

Dimensions: 10 length x 13.5 width x 10 height inches

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Perfect for mountain bikes or any high-set bike, the Anzome Foldable Dog Bike Carrier stands out with its practical design and robust construction. 

Featuring a metal frame wrapped in soft, comfortable Oxford fabric, it promises both durability and comfort for your pet.

This carrier breaks the mold by foregoing traditional bedding. However, the softness and comfort of the Oxford fabric suffice to create a cozy space for your furry companion. Simultaneously, the metal frame ensures the carrier maintains its shape even under wind resistance.

Adding a personal touch, the Anzome carrier offers various designs beyond the standard solid black. You can choose from patterned pink, brown, or gray to match your style or your pet’s personality.

The installation process is a breeze, thanks to a quick-release adapter that hooks onto the handlebar. Removal is just as effortless – a press on the quick-release lock and the adapter loosens, enabling easy detachment.

Its spacious interior makes this product more than just a pet carrier. It can double as a normal bike basket, ideal for carrying groceries or picnic essentials.

As the name suggests, the Anzome Foldable Dog Bike Carrier folds down for easy storage. And it doesn’t stop there. The handlebar cycling bag is lightweight, durable, and waterproof, perfect for worry-free outdoor use.

In essence, the Anzome carrier is a stylish, practical, and multifunctional solution for pet owners who cycle. Its design caters to small dogs up to 11 pounds, making it a convenient choice for pet-friendly adventures on the road.

Dimensions: 12.9 length x 8.6 width x 9.8 height inches

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The Barkbay Hybrid Dog Carrier For Bike uniquely blends the utility of a bike basket and a backpack carrier into a single, user-friendly package. 

It’s exterior mimics a traditional dog bike basket, but the design is replete with features reminiscent of backpack carriers, including a side pocket for small items and a mesh-lined opening for comfort.

Available in cool grey and vibrant blue, this dog carrier is designed to attach to bike handlebars 14 inches away from the headtube, making it a versatile accessory for a wide variety of bikes.

The Barkbay carrier shines during wet weather, as its front panel is both waterproof and windproof. On hotter days, you can roll up the front panel to reveal a breathable mesh cover that keeps your pet cool while offering a view of the surroundings.

The product employs quick-release buckles for secure attachment to the handlebars. These buckles enable easy assembly and disassembly, requiring minimal adjustment for a secure fit.

Transitioning to a backpack carrier is a breeze with the integrated shoulder straps, making the Barkbay hybrid carrier truly multifunctional. Its non-collapsible design further enhances its use as a secure car carrier.

The Barkbay carrier features an array of practical elements, including foldable front panels, elastic mesh side pockets, soft padding for comfort, an inner leash for security, and a drawstring to adjust the opening. 

These details make this carrier an excellent choice for ensuring a safe, comfortable ride for your pet, whether you’re cycling or walking.

Dimensions: 12 length x 11 width x 14.5 height inches

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The K&H Pet Dog Bike Basket elegantly solves the challenge of cycling with your furry friend. Sporting a classy grey color, the basket quickly and securely mounts at the front of your bicycle, making setup a breeze.

One of its distinctive features is the dual leash design, which ensures that your pet stays safely inside the basket even if they are particularly active. This ensures a worry-free ride, letting you focus on the journey rather than keeping your pet inside the basket.

The basket includes two practical pockets – a mesh pocket ideal for water bottles and a zippered pocket for storing your pet’s accessories or items. These pockets add functionality and convenience to your ride.

Suited for small to medium-breed dogs, the basket is available in two sizes. The small variant can support dogs up to 10 lbs, while the larger size is ideal for dogs up to 20 lbs.

Another thoughtful touch is the removable inner cover, allowing for easy cleaning. With its careful design and practical features, the K&H Pet Dog Bike Basket is a great choice for pet owners who love to cycle with their dogs.

Dimensions: Small – 12.5 length x 9 width x 8 height, Large – 16 length x 12 width x 10 height inches

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Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket for Small Dogs impresses with a firm bottom that negates the need for an additional rack to support your pet. This feature combines with a spacious interior, all wrapped up in a compact and stylish exterior design.

Sporting a fashionable gray motif, the basket adds a dash of style to your bike rides. The green padding on the front panel doubles up as a safety reflector, making your rides safer, particularly in low-light conditions.

The basket features a drawstring opening that makes it convenient to place your pet inside or take them out. To keep your pet comfortable during the journey, the neck of the opening features a mesh lining that enhances ventilation.

The standout feature of the Petsfit Dog Bike Basket is the dual-purpose padding. One side sports a plush textile ideal for winter rides, keeping your pet warm. Flip the padding, and you find a nylon-lined surface perfect for summer outings.

With the ability to be used as a shoulder carrier bag, the Petsfit Dog Bike Basket truly stands out for its adaptability.

Dimensions: 11.81 length x 7.87 width x 11.22 height inches

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The Snoozer Rear Bicycle Dog Carrier is an excellent choice for those with small and large bikes. Its slim and minimalist design ensures easy installation and brings an understated elegance to your cycling adventures. 

The carrier attaches to the bike rack using sturdy straps, eliminating the need for tools during installation. Just be sure to secure them tightly to prevent any unnecessary movement from your furry companion while on the move.

Universally compatible, the Snoozer is a perfect fit for all bike types. However, its full potential shines when paired with folding bikes, as it doesn’t interfere with the folding mechanism of the bike frame.

A standout feature is the carrier’s red reflective strip. This practical addition maintains visibility even if the carrier obscures the bike’s rear light after installation.

The Snoozer Rear Bicycle Dog Carrier is thoughtfully designed with a removable and washable sunshade/rain cover and a soft fabric material, ensuring your pet’s comfort during the ride. 

With a weight capacity of up to 24 pounds, this carrier is a reliable choice for small to medium-sized dogs.

Dimensions: External -19 length x 16 width x 10 height, Internal – 15 length x 12 widthinches

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Sporting a robust bracket for secure installation, the Travelin K9 Pilot Max dog carrier attaches to the center of the handlebar via a clamp tightened with bolts, making the setup process straightforward, albeit needing simple tools.

Designed with space and comfort in mind, this wide dog carrier is ideal for small to medium dogs. Its generous dimensions (16″ width and 9.5″ height) assure that your pet won’t feel cramped and won’t be able to jump out. 

Notably, the Travelin K9’s unique design makes it an excellent fit for bikes with smaller wheels, requiring just an 11″ clearance between the wheels and handlebar.

Constructed with durable fabric, this product promises longevity and adaptability. When not transporting your dog, it can double up as a standard bike basket for carrying goods.

To optimize your pet’s comfort, the carrier features a mesh front panel for cooling and quick-release interior buckles for easy access. A metal frame on the opening ensures a steady, non-collapsible shape.

Dimensions: 13 length x 16 width x 10 height inches

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ANZOME’s Removable Dog Bike Basket is a 3-in-1 carrier, engineered to make bike rides with your furry friend an absolute breeze, adding a dash of fun and safety to your journeys.

Installing the ANZOME bike basket is effortless. It’s lightweight design and compact size ensure that it doesn’t interfere with your bike steering while offering your pet a cozy ride. 

Its quick-release bracket handlebar mount simplifies the attachment and detachment process, allowing for a seamless transition between your solo and pet-inclusive bike rides.

Safety and visibility are paramount in this design, with white reflective strips standing out against the black fabric material. 

Whether you’re traversing urban streets or rural landscapes, the reflectivity feature ensures you are easily noticeable in the dark, enhancing your biking safety.

Made of waterproof fabric, this dog carrier is incredibly easy to clean – a simple rinse will suffice.

Furthermore, it boasts a removable aluminum frame and an interior basket, enhancing its versatility. Beyond serving as a bike carrier, it can also be used as a handy shoulder carrier bag.

Dimensions: 12.9 length x 8.6 width x 9.84 height inches

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The Elabark Dog Carrier offers a phenomenal blend of comfort, practicality, and versatility for every pet lover. 

This 4-in-1 pet accessory effortlessly transforms into a bicycle carrier, backpack, car seat, and shoulder bag, making it an ideal companion for every outing with your furry friend.

The interior of the Elabark carrier is spacious with high sidings, offering ample room for your pet. It boasts a fleece lining, ensuring your pet remains cozy and comfortable during the journey.

Exhibiting robust exterior aesthetics, the Elabark carrier is a great fit for bikes with large wheels and extended handlebar stems. Installation is a cinch, thanks to the O-ring touch fasteners. These allow you to securely attach the carrier to the bike with a simple thumb press.

An added gem is the mini-headlight mounted on the product’s front panel. Although not overly bright, it provides just enough light to make you and your pet more visible during nighttime rides, enhancing safety.

Designed with pet comfort in mind, this carrier features hidden front mesh windows for ventilation, an adjustable collar clip for security, and spring-loaded rope cord locks for entryway adjustment. 

With the Elabark Dog Carrier, your pet can enjoy an outdoor experience full of comfort and security.

Dimensions: 18.58 length x14.25 width x 3.66 height inches

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The Barkbay Dog Bike Carrier impresses with its vibrant design, looking less like a pet carrier and more akin to a trendy backpack for school-goers.

This eye-catching accessory adds a touch of style to your bike while serving its practical purpose as a carrier for your furry companion.

Given its compact design, the Barkbay carrier is an ideal choice for bikes with limited space between the wheels and the handlebar. It integrates smoothly into the bike’s structure, mounting sturdily at the center of the handlebar without any undesirable sway.

Designed with small puppies in mind, Barkbay offers both comfort and safety. The carrier’s exterior is made of robust, waterproof Oxford fabric that retains its shape and safeguards your pet during unexpected bike accidents.

An appealing feature of the Barkbay carrier is its multipurpose functionality. It effortlessly doubles as a mini-hiking carrier or a dog backpack, thanks to its quick-release handlebar mount. 

Furthermore, its wide mesh windows offer ample ventilation, preventing your pet from overheating during long rides.

With Barkbay, cleanliness is not a concern. Its easy-to-clean fabric can be simply rinsed off, ensuring your carrier always looks its best. 

The foldable front panel adds an extra layer of comfort, shielding your pet from strong winds during your rides.

Dimensions: 22 length x 10.5 width x 13.5 height inches

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Why You Should Consider Having Dog Carrier For A Bike?

Integrating a dog carrier into your bike rides can drastically enhance both your experience and that of your canine friend. Below are some reasons why you should consider investing in a dog carrier for your bike:


This is the most important factor. Roads are unpredictable and biking with a dog running alongside you can be dangerous. A dog carrier ensures that your pet is safe and secure during the ride, preventing any sudden movements that might cause accidents.

Increased Bonding Time

If you’re an avid cyclist, you might find yourself leaving your pet behind more often than not. With a dog carrier, your pet can join in on the fun, enhancing your shared bonding time.

Ease of Travel

Whether you’re heading to the vet or a dog-friendly park, a bike carrier makes travel easy and efficient. It’s especially beneficial for city-dwellers who frequently use their bikes for commuting.

Expanding Horizons for Your Pet

Dogs love exploring new environments. A bike carrier allows them to experience new sights, sounds and smells that they wouldn’t encounter in your backyard.

Health Benefits

Keeping your dog in the carrier for bike rides can reduce anxiety and motion sickness, especially over long distances. The enclosed space provides a sense of security and calmness for your pet.

What Are The Benefits of Bike Carrier for Dogs?

Bike carrier offers an array of benefits for both the dog and the cyclist. Here are some of the top advantages:


Long walks or runs can be challenging for some dogs, especially those who are older or have health conditions. A bike carrier allows them to join you in the great outdoors, without the physical strain.


Carrying a dog, especially a larger one, can be cumbersome. A carrier makes it easier to transport your pet, whether you’re cycling to the local park, the vet, or even going on a biking vacation.


Many dog carriers are multi-functional and can be used as car carriers, shoulder bags, backpacks, or even as a dog bed. This versatility makes them a cost-effective option for pet owners.

Comfort for Your Pet

Dog carriers are typically padded and designed with the comfort of your pet in mind. This makes the ride enjoyable for them and allows them to join in on your adventures without becoming tired or overexerted.

Physical Limitations

For dogs that are older, unwell, or recovering from surgery, a carrier allows them to enjoy the fresh air and change of scenery without straining themselves physically.

Stress Reduction

Biking in busy areas can cause stress for dogs due to the noise and speed. A carrier provides a safe and familiar space for them, reducing anxiety and fear.

Quality Time

If you are a cycling enthusiast, having a dog carrier allows you to spend quality time with your pet, making them part of your hobby and promoting a stronger bond between you.

Increased Socialization

Taking your dog out on bike rides can expose them to a variety of experiences, animals, and people. This increased exposure can help improve their social skills, confidence, and overall behavior.

Temperature Control

Some carriers are designed with mesh windows for proper ventilation and materials that can help protect your pet from extreme weather conditions. This ensures that your pet stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter during your cycling trips.

Maintaining Routine

If your dog is used to regular outdoor activities but is temporarily unable to partake due to an injury or illness, a bike carrier can maintain their routine and prevent them from feeling isolated.

Handling Multiple Dogs

If you have more than one pet, a dog carrier can make it easier to manage them. You can have one in the carrier and one on a leash, making your bike rides smoother and more controlled.

Protective Barrier

A carrier acts as a protective barrier against potential threats like aggressive dogs or other animals. It can also protect small or nervous dogs from large crowds or high-traffic areas.

Healthy Lifestyle Promotion

Including your pet in your active lifestyle can inspire you to take more bike rides and stay fit. It’s a fun way to motivate yourself to get regular exercise, which is beneficial for both you and your pet.

What Factors To Consider When Buying Dog Carrier For Bike Riding?

Choosing the right dog carrier for your bike involves several factors. Here are some key considerations you should keep in mind to ensure that the carrier meets the needs of both you and your pet:

Dog Size and Weight

The size and weight of your dog are critical factors when choosing a carrier. The carrier should be spacious enough for your dog to sit, stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. Always check the maximum weight limit specified by the manufacturer.

Safety Features

Look for carriers that have safety features like a leash clip, secure closures, and a sturdy frame. These features will ensure that your dog stays secure in the carrier while you’re cycling.


Comfort features to consider include a padded interior, ventilation for airflow, and a waterproof exterior for protection against rain or splashes.

Ease of Installation and Removal

The carrier should be easy to install and remove from your bike. Quick-release features are helpful, particularly if you’ll be frequently taking the carrier on and off.


The materials should be durable and able to withstand various weather conditions. High-quality, sturdy materials will ensure the carrier lasts longer.


If you plan on carrying the dog carrier around when not attached to the bike, consider its weight and portability. Some carriers double as a backpack or have a carrying handle.


While not as important as the other factors, the design of the carrier can enhance your cycling experience. Some people prefer a style that matches their bike or personal taste.

Position on the Bike

Some carriers attach to the handlebars, others go on the rear rack, and some can even be attached to the frame. The right one for you will depend on your bike, the size of your dog, and your personal preferences.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Always check what other customers have said about the product. Reviews and ratings can provide practical insights into the product’s performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bike carriers are typically designed for small to medium-sized dogs. The weight limit of the carrier is an important factor to consider. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for the maximum weight and size capacity to ensure it suits your dog.

Yes, as long as the carrier is securely attached to the bike and the dog is safely fastened inside. Bike carriers are designed to keep your pet secure and comfortable during rides. However, it is important to always keep an eye on your dog and stop if they show signs of distress.

Most bike carriers for dogs are equipped with safety features such as leash clips or internal harnesses to prevent your dog from jumping out. However, it’s always best to supervise your pet during the ride for their safety.

A well-made carrier designed for bike use should not significantly impact your bike’s balance, especially if it’s installed correctly and your dog’s weight is within the suggested limit. However, it may take a little time to get used to the added weight, especially if it’s a larger dog.

Quality bike carriers are designed with the comfort of your pet in mind. They typically feature soft, padded interiors and ventilation for airflow. You can also add a blanket or cushion for extra comfort.

The cleaning method depends on the materials used in the carrier. Some can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth, while others have removable and machine-washable padding. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning guidelines.

Many bike carriers have multifunctional designs that allow them to be used as a pet bed, a car seat, or even a carry-on for travel. However, you’ll need to confirm this with the specific product details before purchasing.

Most dog carriers are designed for easy installation and removal. Many come with all the necessary hardware and detailed instructions. However, the complexity may vary depending on the design and the type of bike you have.

While some dogs might immediately enjoy riding in a bike carrier, others might need some time to get accustomed to it. Start with short rides and gradually increase the duration. It can also help to associate the carrier with positive experiences, such as treats or favorite toys.

Most carriers are designed to withstand different weather conditions. However, extreme heat, cold, or precipitation can be uncomfortable or even unsafe for your pet. Always consider your pet’s comfort and safety first, regardless of the carrier’s features.

Most carriers can be fitted on standard bikes, but it’s always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s specifications. Some carriers may not fit on certain styles of bikes, such as those with unusual frame designs.

Yes, a good carrier should be stable enough to handle some movement from your dog. However, excessive movement can affect your bike’s balance. It’s important to ensure your dog is comfortable and secure to minimize unnecessary movement.

Familiarizing your dog with the carrier and creating a positive association with it can help. Start with short trips, and always ensure the ride is smooth. You can also bring along a favorite toy or blanket to make the carrier feel more like home.


In conclusion, choosing the right bike carrier for your dog can greatly enhance your cycling experience and open up new avenues for adventures with your furry companion. 

From the compact, aesthetically pleasing Barkbay Dog Bike Carrier to the multifunctional Elabark 4-in-1 Bike Basket Carrier, the choices are diverse, catering to various needs and preferences. 

Whether you prioritize style, versatility, durability, or comfort, there’s a bike carrier on our list that’s a perfect match for you and your pet. 

Ultimately, it’s about finding a balance between functionality and comfort, ensuring your pet’s safety while adding a touch of joy to your bike rides. Happy cycling with your best friend!

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