Dog Boots For Winter & Hiking

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Just as their name suggests, dog boots are special footwear designed exclusively for our canine companions. But why would dogs, who have naturally evolved to withstand a range of conditions, need boots? 

Well, domestication has led to our pets experiencing a lifestyle far removed from the wilderness, making their paws more vulnerable to harsh weather and difficult terrain.

Dog boots can help prevent several paw-related issues, such as cuts from sharp rocks, burns from hot pavement, frostbite from cold snow, and damage from harmful chemicals used in ice melt products.

Dog Boots For Winter Snow

Moreover, they can provide extra traction on slippery surfaces, ensuring your dog doesn’t slide or fall on icy sidewalks or steep hiking trails.

In this article, we will guide you through some of the best dog boots available for winter snow and hiking. 

We’ll take a deep dive into their features, discuss how they can benefit your dog, and offer reviews to help you make an informed decision about the best options for your faithful friend. 

Whether you’re preparing for a winter wonderland walk or a mountainous adventure, we’ve got your dog’s paws covered. So, let’s embark on this journey to give your dog the comfort and protection they deserve!

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Dog Snow Boots For Winter & Hiking Reviews

Knowing the best option can be challenging with so many winter snow boots for dogs on the market. But not to worry, we have researched for you. 

After evaluating dozens of dog boots for winter snow and hiking, we have shortlisted the best dog boot options for winter snow and hiking. We have analyzed based on features, product size, customer reviews, and feedback. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the following dog boots for winter snow & hiking.

Best Dog Boots For Winter & Hiking

Kurgo Dog Boots For Winter Snow Ice

The Kurgo Blaze Cross-Dog Shoes live up to their promise of being a pet parent’s trustworthy ally for adventurous trips with their four-legged pals, no matter the terrain or weather. 

Protecting paws from hot pavements, snow, ice, asphalt, and rough terrains, these shoes give your dog the freedom to enjoy outdoor adventures without the risk of paw injury.

The design of these boots strikes a perfect balance between practicality and comfort. The ankle cord lock delivers simple adjustability, ensuring a snug fit for a variety of paw sizes.

Even during the most energetic of romps, these shoes remain secure, thanks to their double ankle closures.

One notable feature is the breathable mesh design, providing excellent ventilation. This ensures your dog’s paws remain cool in hot weather and dry in wet conditions. 

The water-resistant nylon mesh upper enhances this functionality, adding a layer of protection against unexpected rain or splashes.

Safety is well catered for with a reflective weld that offers 360 degrees of reflectivity. This feature makes the boots a smart choice for evening walks or hikes, increasing visibility to keep your pet safe.

The standout design feature is the shoe sole, which is cleverly crafted to mimic the structure of a dog’s paw. This unique design enhances comfort and agility, allowing your dog to move naturally and confidently.

To ensure you choose the right size, Kurgo provides an easy three-step measuring guide. Accurate sizing results in a more comfortable and secure fit, further enhancing the user experience for both pet and owner.

Size: XX-Small – 2.00 inches, X-Small – 2.25 inches, Small – 2.50 inches, Medium – 2.75 inches, Large – 3.00 inches, X-Large – 3.25 inches

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Bark Brite Reflective Dog Booties have gained recognition among pet parents as stellar all-weather, multipurpose footwear for canines. 

Versatile enough for activities ranging from hiking and hunting to swimming and running, they are the ideal choice for pet parents seeking all-around protection for their dog’s paws.

The high-quality breathable neoprene material used in these boots provides a snug yet flexible fit. It conforms to your dog’s natural paw shape, resembling a comfortable Spandex-like fit, without inhibiting your pet’s mobility. For a more relaxed fit, sizing up is recommended.

One of the key selling points of Bark Brite Booties is their ability to withstand a variety of weather and ground conditions. 

Whether it’s the scorching heat of summer asphalt, the icy grip of winter sidewalks, or the sharp threats hidden in rocky terrain, these boots effectively shield your dog’s paws. 

The non-skid soft rubber sole with treads adds an extra layer of safety, ensuring your pet’s steady grip on slippery or uneven surfaces.

Another noteworthy feature is the addition of reflective straps. These not only enable easy size adjustments but also enhance your dog’s visibility in low light, contributing to safer evening or early morning walks. The small size comes with one strap, while all other sizes are equipped with two.

Bark Brite has made these booties user-friendly with their easy-on, easy-off design, making them an even more appealing choice for busy pet parents.

Additionally, the upgraded heel guard ensures long-lasting durability, making these booties a worthwhile investment.

Available in black, turquoise, and multicolor, Bark Brite Booties combine practicality with style, allowing your canine companion to make a statement while enjoying their outdoor adventures safely.

Size: Small – 2.5-3 inches, Medium – 3-3.5 inches, Large – 3.5-4 inches, X-Large – 4.25-4.75 inches, XX-Large – >4.75 inches

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Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots have carved out a unique niche for themselves in the pet footwear market, being a patented design that combines fashion, function, and comfort to create the ideal all-purpose dog booties. 

These boots are the epitome of all-weather protection for your furry friend’s feet, whether it’s cold or hot, wet or dry.

The high-grip, flexible, skid-resistant thermoplastic coating, ToughTek, sets these boots apart. This feature applied to the toe and sole, ensures your pet’s stability on a range of surfaces. 

These boots are particularly beneficial for senior dogs or those with hip conditions, as they provide excellent traction on slippery surfaces like hardwood and tile floors.

The boots feature dual fuzzy fastener closures with foam pad inserts. This design not only ensures a snug and comfortable fit but also offers extra protection for the fronts and backs of your pet’s ankles. 

It’s a thoughtful detail that enhances the overall functionality of the boots, making them suitable for extended use.

Available in two colors and six sizes, the Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots cater to dogs of all sizes. 

The color and size variety allows you to choose the best fit for your pet’s aesthetic and physical requirements, making these boots a popular choice among discerning pet parents.

Finally, the Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots are high-quality, extra-durable footwear that serves as reliable protective gear for your dog’s paws in diverse conditions.

Size: X-Small – 1.75 inches, Small – 2.25 inches, Medium – 2.75 inches, Large – 3.25 inches, X-Large – 4 inches

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Neewa Snow Dog Boots

Exclusively designed with canine comfort and safety in mind, the Neewa Snow Dog Boots are a valuable addition to any dog’s winter wardrobe. 

Crafted from breathable, non-allergenic polypropylene and nylon materials, these boots offer comfort and absolute assurance for the well-being of your furry friend in frosty conditions.

Neewa’s proprietary MULTIGRIP fabric sets these boots apart. This patented technology enhances the contact area with the snow and ice, improving your dog’s grip, stability, and overall safety during winter adventures. 

With the Neewa Snow Dog Boots, your canine companion can trek through snow-laden paths, and take part in dog sledding, canicross, or ski-joring with greater confidence.

Available in four sizes, these boots are designed to cater to a wide range of dog breeds. This ensures that whether your pet is petite or sizeable, you can find the right boot fit to keep their paws protected and cozy.

Moreover, beyond winter activities, these boots are an effective tool to safeguard your dog’s paws after an injury, offering an added layer of protection during the healing process.

In essence, Neewa Snow Dog Boots are a versatile, comfortable, and practical choice that prioritizes your pet’s health and happiness during winter escapades or post-injury recovery.

Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-large

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Boasting the accolade of the world’s first dog leggings designed to be a “better bootie”, Walkee Paws Dog Leggings with Waterproof Rubber Boots have stepped up to the plate in canine paw protection. 

This innovative product offers a unique solution for pet owners seeking to keep their dog’s paws safe and dry in challenging winter conditions.

Walkee Paws Dog Leggings are crafted with water-resistant fabric and waterproof rubber boots, featuring ‘grippies’ for enhanced traction. 

This ensures your furry friend’s steady stride on icy sidewalks and wet pavements, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

Comfort hasn’t been compromised in the design process. With a four-way stretch fabric and adjustable elastic drawstring legging openings, these leggings offer a snug fit around your dog’s paws, ensuring optimum comfort and security.

What sets these leggings apart is their innovative over-the-back connectors. These ensure the boots stay in place during your dog’s outdoor adventures and can be customized to the appropriate height on both the back and front legs. 

Additionally, the cushioned backpiece enhances comfort while preventing fur entanglement.

Available in five colors and patterns, the Walkee Paws Dog Leggings provide not only protection but also a fashion-forward look for your four-legged companion.

Size: Extra Small Short, Extra Small Tall

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Ruffwear dog boots
Ruffwear Green Dog Boots

The Ruffwear Summit Trex Dog Boots bring to the table an ideal blend of protection, comfort, and performance, aimed to safeguard your canine companion’s paws from a myriad of harsh conditions. 

These boots are a perfect solution whether you are taking a casual everyday walk or planning an adventurous hike, regardless of weather conditions.

Crafted to resist rough and abrasive surfaces, these boots provide much-needed defense against extreme temperatures, keeping your dog’s paws safe from the searing heat of pavements in summer or the corrosive effect of snowmelt chemicals in winter.

The design stands out with its weather-resistant upper material, effectively barring entry to debris, dirt, and moisture, thus ensuring your dog’s comfort. 

The non-marking rubber outsoles are another Ruffwear signature, providing excellent traction and flexibility. This feature allows your dog to confidently navigate through challenging terrains.

Securing these boots on your dog’s paws is a breeze, thanks to the reliable hook-and-loop closure system that promises a snug and secure fit. 

Available in Meadow Green or Twilight Gray and various sizes, the Ruffwear Summit Trex Dog Boots are sold in sets of either two or four boots.

Size: 1.5 inches, 1.75 inches, 2.0 inches, 2.25 inches, 2.5 inches, 2.75 inches, 3.0 inches, 1.75 inches (2 Boots), 2.0  inches (2 Boots), 2.25 inches (2 Boots), 2.5 inches (2 Boots), 3.0 inches (2 Boots), 3.25 inches (2 Boots)

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Muttluks Snow Mushers Dog Boots

When it comes to safeguarding your dog’s paws against the harsh winter elements, the Snow Mushers Dog Boots offer an unparalleled mix of quality, comfort, and durability. 

These boots are a beacon of innovative design, featuring ‘barefoot technology’ for an optimally comfortable experience for your four-legged friend.

The Snow Mushers boots are built to stand up to various winter perils such as ice, salt, and cold temperatures, ensuring your pet’s paws remain safe and comfortable. These boots make cold, cracked paws a thing of the past.

Constructed with an external shell that boasts water-resistant properties and an inner lining made of cozy fleece, these boots are indeed a shield against winter’s worst.

The 100% recycled rubber soles are both flexible and rugged, featuring traction treads for a safe and sturdy grip.

One of the standout features of these boots is the ‘Mutt Motion’ rubber soles. These multi-directional flex soles adapt to your dog’s paw movement and shape, offering a ‘barefoot’ feel of comfort without any compromise. 

Furthermore, the boots’ extra-large opening and unique double-wrap fastening system ensure an easy, hassle-free application.

Available in a range of colors, including blue, purple, grey, and orange, the Snow Mushers Dog Boots ensure your pet is ready to step out in style, comfort, and safety.

Size: Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 6, Size 7, Size 8, Size 9, Size 10, Size 1, Medium

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Do Dogs Need Snow Boots For Winter?

While your dog’s paws may seem tough and adaptable, they can still be vulnerable to the harsh conditions that winter brings. 

As much as dogs love frolicking in the snow, the cold, icy, and salted surfaces can cause significant discomfort and even lead to injuries. So, do dogs need boots for winter snow? The answer is yes, they often do, and here’s why:

Protection from Cold and Frostbite

Dogs, especially those with short hair and small breeds, can be susceptible to frostbite. 

While it most commonly affects ears, tail, and feet, the pads of a dog’s foot are particularly at risk because they are in direct contact with the snow. Dog boots provide an added layer of insulation between your dog’s paws and the frozen ground, helping to keep them warm.

Prevention of Ice Ball Formation

When dogs walk or play in the snow, it can get compacted between their toes and turn into small, icy balls. 

These can cause discomfort and even pain. Boots prevent this issue by providing a barrier between the snow and your dog’s paw.

Protection from Salt and Deicers

Many people use salt and chemical deicers to prevent ice buildup on sidewalks and roads. These substances can be harsh on your dog’s paws, causing them to crack and bleed. 

Additionally, there’s a risk that your dog could ingest these harmful chemicals while cleaning their paws. Dog boots shield your pup’s paws from these substances, ensuring their safety.

Increased Traction

Icy conditions can make surfaces slippery, making it hard for your dog to maintain a good grip. 

This can lead to slips and falls, potentially causing injuries. Many dog boots are designed with textured soles for increased traction, helping your dog navigate these slippery conditions more securely.

Key Benefits of Dog Boots

Dog boots are an excellent investment for your furry friend, particularly if you often find yourselves embarking on adventures through winter snow or hiking trails. 

They offer numerous benefits, and these advantages extend far beyond merely making a fashion statement. Here are some of the key benefits of dog boots:

Protection from Extreme Temperatures

Dog boots offer insulation from both hot and cold weather. In the winter, they protect your dog’s paws from the cold snow and ice, helping to prevent frostbite. And in the summer, they can guard against burns from hot pavement or rocky terrain.

Barrier against Sharp Objects

Whether you’re hiking on a rugged trail or walking in your neighborhood, there are plenty of sharp objects like rocks, sticks, broken glass, or thorns that can injure your dog’s paws. 

Dog boots act as a shield against these potential hazards, protecting your dog’s paws from cuts and abrasions.

Prevention of Chemical Burns

During winter, roads, and sidewalks are often treated with salt or chemical deicers to prevent icing. These substances can be harsh on a dog’s paws, causing them to become dry, cracked, and painful. 

Dog boots provide a barrier between these chemicals and your dog’s paws, helping to prevent chemical burns and irritation.

Improved Visibility

Many dog boots come with reflective strips or other high-visibility features. These can make it easier to keep an eye on your dog in low light conditions, enhancing safety during early morning or late evening walks.

Reduced Allergies and Irritations

For dogs with allergies, boots can prevent exposure to allergens on the ground, such as grass, pollen, or mold. They can also protect sensitive paws from irritants like pesticides or fertilizers.

Less Mess to Clean Up

With boots on, your dog is less likely to pick up mud, snow, or other debris on their paws during walks or hikes. This can save you time and effort cleaning their paws after each outing and can keep your home cleaner.

Saves Indoor Flooring

Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors can track in mud, dirt, or small pebbles, potentially damaging your indoor flooring. Dog boots can keep this outdoor mess from making its way inside your home.

Prevents Paw Discoloration

Some dogs, especially those with light-colored fur, can experience discoloration of their paws due to walking on chemically treated areas or due to environmental allergens. Boots can help prevent this issue.

Age and Health Support

For senior dogs or dogs with joint or mobility issues, the added traction from boots can make walking easier and more comfortable. This is especially helpful in winter when surfaces can become slick and treacherous.

Prevents Paw Pad Hyperkeratosis

Regular walking on hard surfaces like concrete can lead to a condition known as hyperkeratosis, where the paw pads start to thicken and harden. Boots provide a cushioning effect and can help prevent this painful condition.

Saves You Time

If you regularly clean your dog’s paws after outings, boots can save you a significant amount of time. Instead of cleaning each paw, you just have to remove the boots.

What Factors To Consider When Buying Winter Dog Boots For Hiking?

Selecting the right dog boots for winter snow and hiking can be a crucial task, considering the comfort and safety of your canine companion. Here are a few important factors to consider when making your choice:


Getting the right size is paramount. Too tight, and they could cut off circulation or cause discomfort; too loose, and they might fall off. Most manufacturers provide a sizing chart and instructions on how to measure your dog’s paws. Always measure before purchasing and when in doubt, size up.


Look for boots made from durable and water-resistant materials to withstand harsh weather and terrain. The inner lining should be soft and comfortable. Breathable materials are also a plus to prevent your dog’s paws from overheating.


For winter and hiking boots, look for thick, sturdy, and anti-slip soles. They should provide good insulation from the cold ground and good traction on slippery surfaces. Rubber is often a good choice.

Closure Type

A good fastening system ensures the boots stay on securely. Velcro, zippers, or straps are common. Some dogs might find certain types more comfortable, so consider your dog’s preferences.

Ease of Use

The boots should be easy to put on and take off. This might be particularly important for dogs that aren’t used to wearing boots.


The boots should be well-made and durable, especially if your dog will be hiking or walking in rough terrain. Look for strong stitching and high-quality materials.


For those early morning or late evening walks, consider boots with reflective strips or patterns to increase your dog’s visibility.


While this might not be the most critical factor, you might want to consider the boot’s appearance. There’s no harm in your dog looking stylish while also being safe!


Cost can be a consideration, but don’t compromise on the quality and safety features of the boots. It’s better to invest in a high-quality pair that will last longer and provide better protection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Generally, you should measure the width of your dog’s paw at its widest point while your dog is standing to ensure the foot is fully splayed. 

You can do this by placing their paw on a piece of paper, marking the left and right sides of the paw, and measuring the distance between these marks. Always refer to the sizing chart of the manufacturer as guidance can vary.

Start by letting your dog wear the boots indoors for short periods. You can use positive reinforcement, like treats and praise, to create a positive association with the boots. Gradually increase the wearing time until they seem comfortable, then try taking short walks outside.

While some breeds with thick fur and larger bodies may tolerate the cold better, many dogs can benefit from winter boots. Small breeds, short-haired breeds, puppies, senior dogs, or any dog with a health condition are particularly susceptible to cold weather and may need extra protection.

The lifespan of dog boots can vary greatly depending on the quality of the boot and how often they’re used. Regularly check the boots for any signs of wear and tear.

If you notice significant damage or if the boots no longer protect your dog’s paws effectively, it’s time to replace them.

It depends on the specific boots. Some are machine washable, while others need to be hand-washed. Always refer to the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Yes, dog boots can also be useful in the summer, especially on hot pavement or sand, or when hiking on rough terrain. They can protect your dog’s paws from burns and injuries.

Some dogs may not initially like wearing boots. Patience, training, and positive reinforcement can help. If your dog still refuses, you might consider alternatives such as paw balms or paw wax, although these provide less protection.

Yes, dog boots can provide a layer of protection for an injured paw, preventing further damage and keeping the area clean. However, always consult with your vet first to ensure it’s the right course of action for your dog’s specific injury.

All dogs can benefit from the protection boots provide, but small breeds, breeds with short or thin coats, and breeds with low body fat (like Greyhounds or Whippets) are especially susceptible to cold and might benefit more from wearing boots in winter.

Absolutely! Dog boots can be used for a variety of outdoor activities such as running, playing fetch, or even water-based activities if the boots are waterproof.

The cleaning method will depend on the manufacturer’s instructions. Some dog boots are machine-washable while others need to be hand-washed. Always remember to let the boots dry completely before the next use to prevent bacteria growth.

The boots might need to be the right size or secured properly. Double-check your dog’s paw measurements against the sizing chart. Also, ensure that the boots are fastened correctly as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Signs of too-tight boots can include difficulty walking, apparent discomfort, or marks on the paw or leg after removing the boot. Always measure your dog’s paw size before buying boots and watch your dog’s behavior while they’re wearing them.

Signs of too-tight boots can include difficulty walking, apparent discomfort, or marks on the paw or leg after removing the boot. Always measure your dog’s paw size before buying boots and watch your dog’s behavior while they’re wearing them.

Most dog boots are designed to fit both front and back paws. However, because some dogs have back paws that are smaller than their front paws, some brands offer boots in different sizes to accommodate this.

Many dog boots are made to be durable and can resist punctures, but it largely depends on the brand and model. Check the product description and customer reviews for information on a boot’s durability and resistance to punctures.


In conclusion, investing in a pair of high-quality dog boots for your canine companion can make a world of difference in their comfort and safety during winter or hiking adventures. 

With the myriad of benefits they offer, from protecting paws against extreme temperatures and rough terrains to assisting in visibility and cleanliness, these boots are an indispensable gear item. 

As we’ve discussed, there’s a variety of factors to consider when purchasing, including size, material, and design, but the most important factor is your dog’s specific needs. 

Hopefully, our comprehensive guide, coupled with our reviews of the best dog boots for winter snow and hiking, has made the selection process easier for you. 

Remember, the perfect pair of boots not only protects your dog’s paws but also ensures that your furry friend can happily explore the world around them, whatever the weather or terrain.

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