CBD Dog Treats Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


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CBD is a naturally occurring compound derived from the hemp plant, and while it is a component of cannabis, it does not have the “high” inducing properties typically associated with the plant.

Instead, it is lauded for its health benefits which range from pain relief to reducing anxiety. While research is still in progress, many pet owners swear by the positive impacts it has had on their dogs’ health and well-being.

Best CBD Dog Treats Reviews

Understanding why your dog might need CBD treats requires a nuanced understanding of the potential ailments your pet can experience. 

Dogs, like humans, can suffer from a range of conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and even certain types of seizures. CBD has shown promise in easing these conditions, offering a more natural alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals.

CBD dog treats can be a convenient and beneficial addition to your pet’s health routine. They are easy to administer, and many dogs find them palatable, removing the hassle of trying to give your pet a pill.

But, of course, not all CBD dog treats are created equal. It is vital to choose products that are high-quality, transparent about their ingredients, and tailored to your dog’s needs.

Through our “BEST CBD Dog Treats Reviews” article, we will delve deep into this topic, guiding you through the plethora of options available in the market.

We aim to make your journey in selecting the right CBD dog treats as smooth and informative as possible. Let’s embark on this journey together to ensure our dogs live their happiest, healthiest lives.

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CBD Dog Treats Reviews

With so many CBD dog treats on the market, it can be challenging to know which is the best option. But not to worry, we have researched for you. 

After evaluating dozens of CBD dog treats, we have shortlisted the best CBD treats supplement options here for your consideration. We have analyzed based on features, key ingredients, customer reviews, and feedback. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the following dog supplements.

Best CBD Treats For Dogs

With Canna-Pet Organic Canna-Biscuits for dogs, each bite-sized biscuit is a compact health booster for your beloved canine, with 2.4mg of CBD and zero THC—a perfect blend of taste and wellness.

When you’re traveling, managing your pet’s health needs can be a challenge. This is where these Canna-Biscuits come into play. They are designed to be easy to feed, portable, and are fantastic companions for your journeys, making pet-care-on-the-go a hassle-free experience.

The benefits these biscuits provide are manifold—they are engineered to support joint health, enhance mobility, improve appetite, and reduce common issues such as joint pain, inflammation, separation anxiety, and itchy skin. A single treat thus caters to various aspects of your pet’s well-being.

What sets these treats apart is the use of full-spectrum CO2 total extracts from the whole hemp plant, a process that results in the Canna-Pet® Entourage Effect. This refers to the synergistic impact of all hemp plant compounds working together, leading to enhanced health benefits.

The potency and safety of these biscuits aren’t just marketing talk; they’re backed by third-party lab testing, ensuring that your pet is indeed consuming a quality product. 

Baked right here in the USA, these biscuits utilize non-GMO organic hemp along with other premium food ingredients.

Key Ingredients: Organic barley flour, cured bacon, organic maple powder, organic cinnamon, organic hemp.

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Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract Calming Chews is a product designed to soothe your dog’s nerves while providing a treat they’ll love.

Each 4g chew is loaded with 2.5mg of hemp extract, a carefully measured dose aimed at maintaining your pet’s wellness. Specifically, these calming chews have been formulated to help your dog maintain a sense of calm during stressful situations. Whether it’s separation anxiety, the startling sounds of fireworks, or thunderstorms, these chews are a valuable aid for these challenging moments.

But it’s not just the CBD that works the magic. These chicken-flavored chews incorporate a botanical blend of full-spectrum hemp extract, valerian root, passion flower extract, and chamomile. 

This combination not only enhances the calming effect but also adds a pleasing flavor that dogs can’t resist.

Charlotte’s Web offers flexibility with their packaging too, available in two sizes: 30 chews or 60 chews per pack. This allows you to choose the right pack based on your pet’s needs and your frequency of use.

Each chew contains 2.5mg of plant-based cannabinoids, sourced from USA-grown hemp, and the product has been tested more than 20 times for quality. 

With its non-GMO certification and the assurance of no harsh chemicals or pesticides, these chews offer peace of mind for pet owners concerned about the purity and safety of their pet’s treats.

Key Ingredients: Valerian Root, Passion Flower Extract, Chamomile, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract.

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Treating our furry friends should never come at the expense of their health. MediPets has fused the concept of tasty rewards and wellness with their Burger Beef Minis CBD Dog Treats—a product that’s a guaranteed tail-wagger for your pup.

Each of these beef burger CBD treats is a culinary delight for your pet, packed with a potent dose of 300mg of all-natural CBD. 

Designed with a delicious hamburger flavor, they are infused with hemp-derived CBD grown on non-GMO farms. The result is a treat that doesn’t just tantalize your dog’s taste buds but also offers substantial health benefits.

One standout feature of these CBD treats is their soft texture, which makes them easy on your dog’s gums. This also means they can be easily broken apart to cater to smaller pups or for portion control. 

It’s this thoughtfulness in design that makes MediPets Burger Beef Minis a winner among pet parents.

What’s more, these treats have been created with dogs that have food allergies and sensitivities in mind, ensuring that all pups can enjoy them without worry. The CBD used is 100% natural and THC-free, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to safe and healthy treats.

Lastly, these CBD treats are not only made in the USA but also undergo third-party testing for safety and quality—another feather in the cap for MediPets.

Key Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Beef, Soy Flour, Corn Syrup, Propylene Glycol, Water, Liver, Dried Cheese Product, Chicken By-Product Meal, Calcium Sulfate, Potassium Chloride, Salt, Phosphoric Acid, Animal Fat.

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When it comes to providing the best for our pets, treats that combine taste and health benefits are a rare find. DOPE DOG’s Peanut Butter CBD Calming Treats are an exception, serving as both a delicious snack and a source of comfort for your furry friend.

Widely recognized as Dope Dog’s most popular product, these calming treats are baked fresh with active CBD. They are designed to help your dog navigate through anxiety and inflammation, making them a highly valuable addition to your pet’s diet.

Each treat is made with all-natural human-grade ingredients, assuring you that your pet is getting a product that meets high-quality standards. Plus, with 0.0% THC in each treat, you can rest easy knowing there won’t be any unwanted side effects.

The primary attraction for these treats is, of course, the irresistible peanut butter flavor—a hit with many dogs. Beyond just flavor, these treats pack a calming punch, offering an easy way to keep your pup both happy and relaxed.

Available in both 3mg CBD and 6mg CBD per treat, you have the flexibility to choose the dosage that best suits your dog’s size and needs. Proudly made in the USA, these treats offer a premium quality option for your beloved pet.

Key Ingredient: CBD From Hemp Extract, Peanut Butter, Organic MCT Coconut Oil, Rye flour, Rolled Oats, and Rosemary extract.

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When it comes to spoiling our four-legged friends, few things compare to the delight of flavorful treats. 

With EMPE’s Premium CBD Pet Treats for Dogs, you can offer your pet a feast of beef and cheese wrapped in a health-boosting formula.

Combining the two classic flavors of beef and cheese, these treats create an enticing mixture that dogs find irresistible. Each piece features a beefy center swathed in a golden layer of cheese, delivering an extraordinary culinary experience for your furry pal.

One of the major appeals of these treats is their chewy texture. They make an ideal choice for senior dogs or those with tender gums, ensuring that enjoyment isn’t compromised by discomfort.

In addition to their delightful taste and texture, these treats carry a healthful punch with 4.5 mg of CBD per treat. Made from organic, non-GMO ingredients, these treats adhere to the highest standards of quality.

Moreover, their purity and potency are confirmed through third-party lab testing, providing an extra layer of assurance for pet parents. Proudly made in the USA, EMPE’s Premium CBD Pet Treats are a trustworthy and delightful addition to your pet’s diet.

Key Ingredients: Pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol (CBD), Wheat flour, wheat starch, glycerin (derived from vegetable oil), soy flour, beef, corn syrup, vital wheat gluten, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols ), dried cheese product, phosphoric acid, salt, lecithin, calcium propionate (a preservative), potassium sorbate ( a preservative), natural smoke flavor, cheddar cheese flavor.

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When it comes to rewarding our canine companions with treats, we always want to ensure that the rewards are as beneficial as they are delicious. 

MediPets CBD Dog Treats – Meaty Steak Treats, fulfill this requirement brilliantly, offering a combination of real beef flavor and high-quality CBD.

Each of these meaty steak treats comes with a potent dose of 5.5mg of cannabidiol (CBD), ensuring that your dog not only gets a flavorful treat but also reaps the wellness benefits of CBD. 

Infused with industrial CBD hemp oil and crafted right here in the USA, these treats set the standard for top-tier pet CBD products.

MediPets stands out as a premier provider of pet CBD products. Their treats are pharmacist-formulated, THC-free, and made with 100% natural CBD. This is why many pet owners find these to be among the best CBD treats for their dogs.

In addition to their health benefits, these treats are perfect for calming nervous dogs and rewarding good behavior. With MediPets CBD Dog Treats Meaty Steak Treats, rewarding your dog is a win-win situation.

Key Ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD), Ground Wheat, Corn Starch, Water, Wheat Flour, Ground Yellow Corn, Corn Syrup, Glycerin, Beef, Animal Fat (Preserved with BHA), Gelatin, Rice Flour, Soy Flour, Salt, Natural Flavor.

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Offering our canine companions treats that strike a balance between irresistible flavor and health benefits is an ongoing quest for pet parents. 

Chill Paws Handcrafted Peanut Butter CBD Dog Treats manage to accomplish this, combining the enticing flavor of peanut butter with the wellness properties of CBD.

These treats are handcrafted with your pet’s well-being at the forefront. Every soft, chewy bite offers a burst of peanut butter flavor that dogs find simply irresistible.

What makes these treats stand out is their ease of use – their softness allows them to be effortlessly broken, making them perfect for small or older dogs with dental concerns. But it’s not just the texture and flavor that earn these treats high praise.

Each treat is infused with high-quality, full-spectrum CBD, with a dose of 5mg per treat. The potency and quality of these treats are third-party labs tested, ensuring that your pet gets the best product.

Chill Paws takes a holistic approach, utilizing all-natural ingredients and omitting corn, wheat, and soy. Furthermore, there are no preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or fillers. Proudly made in the USA, these treats embody a healthful indulgence for your beloved pet.

Key Ingredients: Peanut Butter, Oat Flour, Quinoa, Flax Seed, Vegetable Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Vinegar, Citric Acid, MCT Oil, Full Spectrum CBD Extract, Mixed Tocopherols (a source of Vitamin E), Rosemary Extract.

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Ensuring our furry friends get the right balance of flavor and nutrition in their treats is a task that PAW CBD Peanut Butter Flavored Treats take seriously. Crafted with careful attention to both taste and wellness benefits, these treats are a delightful way to enhance your dog’s well-being.

Each of these bite-sized biscuits packs a punch with 10mg of CBD. Specially baked with a puppy-approved peanut butter flavor, they’re free from additional soy or corn, and void of any meat or poultry by-products, ensuring a wholesome treat experience for your pet.

These treats serve a purpose beyond just a rewarding snack – they can help reduce aggression, ease anxiety, and alleviate the pain often associated with aging. Veterinarian-formulated and all-natural, these treats offer a convenient and tasty method to incorporate CBD into your dog’s diet.

PAW CBD treats are non-GMO, made without additives, and use fresh, human-grade ingredients. Manufactured in the USA, they are free from THC, making them a safe choice for your canine companion. 

With no soy or corn and no by-products, these treats adhere to the highest standards of pet nutrition.

Key Ingredients: Flour, Oats, Honey, Vegetable Oil, Eggs, Cultured Rice Flour, Cannabidiol (CBD), and Flavoring.

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When it comes to selecting a treat for our furry companions that marries health benefits and delightful flavor, Austin And Kat Bakko’s Hip & Joint CBD Dog Treats hit the sweet spot.

These treats aren’t just about the delicious taste; they are crafted with premium hemp oil extract and Bakko’s unique hip-and-joint formula. Alongside CBD, they contain an impressive list of natural ingredients like Glucosamine & Chondroitin, New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel, Salmon Oil, Organic Flaxseed, Coconut Oil, Ginger, and Rosemary Extract, and L-carnitine. 

This variety of wholesome ingredients is combined with a reishi mushroom super blend and effective natural antioxidants to help fend off free-radical damage and keep those creaky joint days at bay.

Each savory bite is formulated to promote mobility and support hip and joint health. They also boost heart health, brain function, metabolism, and vitality. 

The treats further work to reduce occasional stiffness and soreness, promote healthy skin and coat, and maintain a calming effect on the nerves for a more relaxed disposition in your pet.

Each treat is THC-free, wheat-free, and contains 10mg of CBD, providing substantial health benefits.

Proudly made in the USA, these treats encapsulate a holistic approach to pet nutrition, offering a blend of taste and health that your dog will love.

Key Ingredients: Glucosamine, Boswellia, Cinnamon, Ginger, Chondroitin, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Apple, Cinnamon, Coconut Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Flaxseed, Mixed Tocopherols, Molasses, Oat Flour, Peanut Butter, Pomegranate Powder, Salt.

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Finding the perfect balance of flavor, quality, and nutrition can be a challenge when searching for the best treats for your furry companion. 

MediPets CBD Dog Treats Wavy Bacon & Cheese Bites rise to this challenge, offering a premium treat that prioritizes both your pet’s health and taste preferences.

Each treat is a savory blend of irresistible bacon and cheese, sure to make your dog’s tail wag with delight. But beyond the tempting flavors, these treats carry 10mg of CBD, sourced from industrial hemp. 

These bites offer a unique, THC-free, and 100% natural CBD experience for your dog, making them more than just a tasty reward.

MediPets, a well-regarded provider of top-quality pet CBD products, ensure each treatment is pharmacist-formulated. With every crunchy bite, your dog will receive not only an enjoyable treat but also a dose of wellness, promoting a happier, healthier disposition.

Manufactured in the USA, these MediPets treats are a trustworthy addition to your dog’s diet. They represent the perfect fusion of irresistible flavors and quality CBD, promising to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Key Ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD), Wheat flour, Beef by-products, Corn Syrup, Glycerin (derived from vegetable oil), Pregelatinized Corn flour, gelatin, Vital Wheat Gluten, Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed Tocopherols), Bacon, Salt.

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Delighting your pet while offering significant health benefits can often seem like a daunting task. Enter MediPets CBD Hemp Oil Dog Treats Kabobs, a game-changing option that brilliantly combines a tantalizing flavor profile with top-quality ingredients.

Crafted with real chicken and beef, these Kabobs treats promise a flavor experience your pet won’t soon forget. 

But it’s more than just the scrumptious taste that sets these treats apart. Infused with industrial CBD hemp oil, each treat delivers over 4mg of 100% natural, THC-free CBD.

MediPets, known for their quality pet CBD products, have meticulously crafted these treats with the expertise of pharmacists. 

Their commitment to quality is evident in the significant health benefits these Kabobs can offer, including anti-anxiety effects, improved sleep, pain relief, and seizure control. Each bite can help your furry friend feel relaxed and content.

Tested by a third-party lab for quality assurance and made in the USA, these treats embody trustworthiness and care for your pet. MediPets CBD Hemp Oil Dog Treats Kabobs blend taste and health into a single satisfying bite, ready to make your dog happier and healthier.

Key Ingredients: Cannabidiol (CBD), Chicken, Wheat Flour, Corn Syrup, Soy Flour, Pregelatinized Corn Flour, Gelatin, Glycerin (derived from vegetable oil), Chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols), Calcium Sulfate, Dextrose, Beef, Salt.

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Enrich your dog’s diet with the irresistible allure of EMPE Premium CBD Pet Treats For Dogs Steak. Each chewy mini steak bite is designed to tantalize your pup’s senses with the enticing aroma and savory taste of real steak. 

However, the delights of these treats are more than skin-deep, with each serving offering an ample dose of organic, non-GMO CBD.

Every easily digestible, bite-sized treat is infused with 4.5mg of premium-quality CBD. This blend of delicious flavors and potent CBD transforms a simple treat into a wellness boost, offering both enjoyment and health advantages. 

What’s more, these treats are THC-free, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience that contributes to your pet’s overall well-being.

The quality of EMPE’s CBD Pet Treats is confirmed by third-party lab testing, proving their purity and potency. These American-made treats seamlessly integrate quality, flavor, and health, making treat time a beneficial and enjoyable moment for both you and your pet.

Key Ingredients: Pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol (CBD), Ground wheat, corn starch, water, wheat flour, ground yellow corn, corn syrup, glycerin, beef, animal fat (preserved with BHA), gelatin, rice flour, soy flour, salt, natural flavor.

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Crafted with the discerning pet owner in mind, Austin And Kate Brady’s Senior Blend Wellness Dog Bites stand out in the realm of dog treats. 

Every crunchy bite of these treats, handmade in small batches, signifies the brand’s commitment to quality and freshness.

These treats incorporate a thoughtful blend of human-grade and organic ingredients, making them not only delicious but also nutritious. The highlight of these bites is the organically-grown hemp they contain, enriched with full-spectrum hemp extract. 

As a result, your pet benefits from the potent blend of CBD, CBC, CBG, Terpenes, and other Cannabinoids, offering the full entourage effect.

Third-party lab testing ensures that these dog bites live up to their promise. Furthermore, their gluten-free, GMO-free, and cruelty-free composition exemplifies Austin And Kate Brady’s dedication to promoting pet wellness. 

Particularly suitable for dogs with separation anxiety, each Pumpkin Harvest biscuit delivers about 5 mg of CBD, along with other cannabinoids.

Proudly made in the USA, Austin, And Kate Brady’s Senior Blend Wellness Dog Bites are tantalizing treat that also contributes positively to your dog’s health and well-being.

Key Ingredients: Nutritional Yeast, L-Carnitine, Holy Basil Extract, Longvida Optimized Curcumin, Ginkgo Biloba, Cranberry Extract, Glucosamine, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Apple, Cinnamon, Coconut Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Flaxseed, Mixed Tocopherols, Molasses, Oat Flour, Peanut Butter, Salt.

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Presenting a delightful fusion of flavors and beneficial ingredients, Austin And Kat’s CBD Dog Soft Chews are a standout offering in the pet wellness market. 

These round, soft-baked treats, meticulously made in the USA, offer a combination of quality and flavor that your canine companion will certainly appreciate.

Infused with premium hemp oil extract, these chews are crafted to support your dog’s overall well-being. Further enriched with organic turmeric, USDA-certified organic coconut oil, organic cinnamon, organic peanut butter, organic apples, and flaxseed, these treats offer a diverse range of nutrients that benefit your pup’s health.

The potency of these chews is customizable, with the option to choose between 2.5mg, 5mg, or 10 mg of naturally occurring cannabinoids per soft chew. 

This flexibility allows you to tailor the chews to your dog’s specific needs, providing targeted support to help your pups cope with external stressors and relieve occasional soreness and stiffness.

Key Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Longvida SD™ Optimized Curcumin, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, Apple, Cinnamon, Coconut Glycerin, Flaxseed, Mixed Tocopherols, Molasses, Oat Flour, Peanut Butter, Salt, Turmeric.

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What Are The Benefits Of Feeding CBD Dog Treats?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in hemp and marijuana plants. While it has been used for various purposes in human health for quite some time, its usage in pet products, particularly dog treats, has been gaining recognition. 

Here are some potential benefits of feeding CBD dog treats:

Anxiety Relief

CBD is well-known for its calming and anxiety-relieving effects. It can help to manage stress levels in dogs suffering from separation anxiety, noise phobias (like thunderstorms or fireworks), or travel anxiety.

Pain and Inflammation Reduction

CBD can help alleviate pain in dogs suffering from conditions like arthritis or hip dysplasia. It works by interacting with receptors in the brain and immune cells to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief.

Seizure Control

Some studies have indicated that CBD can reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures in dogs, similar to its effects in humans with epilepsy.

Appetite Stimulation and Nausea Control

If your dog is suffering from nausea, vomiting, or decreased appetite due to illness or certain treatments, CBD can help stimulate their appetite and control feelings of nausea.

Promotes Homeostasis

Many pet owners choose CBD for maintaining the overall health and wellness of their pets. It promotes homeostasis, keeping the internal environment stable and balanced, which is essential for optimal health.

Promotes Homeostasis

Many pet owners choose CBD for maintaining the overall health and wellness of their pets. It promotes homeostasis, keeping the internal environment stable and balanced, which is essential for optimal health.

Enhances Skin and Coat Health

Some CBD treats are enriched with other beneficial ingredients like omega fatty acids that contribute to a healthy coat and mitigate skin allergies or irritations.

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

CBD has been linked with heart and circulatory system health, including the ability to lower high blood pressure.

Supports Neurological Health

Research shows CBD has neuroprotective properties. It can help maintain the health of neurons and potentially slow the progression of degenerative neurological disorders.

Promotes Joint Health

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can aid in maintaining joint health, reducing discomfort from conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Improves Sleep Quality

CBD may enhance sleep patterns and help in managing sleep disorders. It can make your pet relax, which can be particularly helpful for dogs suffering from insomnia due to anxiety or pain.

Boosts Immune System

CBD is known for its immune-boosting effects due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It can help support your dog’s immune system, making them more resistant to illness and infection.

Improves Digestive Health

CBD has shown the potential in easing various digestive issues, such as inflammatory bowel disease. It can also help maintain a healthy gut, thus improving overall digestion.

Supports Aging and Wellness

Older dogs can suffer from various age-related conditions such as memory loss, skin conditions, loss of appetite, and changes in behavior. CBD treats can help manage these conditions, supporting their overall well-being and quality of life.

Aids in Cancer Treatment

While it’s not a cure, CBD has been used to assist with the side effects of cancer treatment in dogs. CBD can help manage symptoms like nausea, loss of appetite, and pain that can occur due to chemotherapy or the disease itself.

Behavioral Problems: CBD’s calming effects can help with behavioral problems in dogs, such as excessive barking, chewing, aggression, or fear of public spaces.

Joint Pain Relief

One of the most applauded benefits of CBD in dogs is its potential to reduce joint pain. 

Dogs suffering from osteoarthritis or other joint issues can experience relief from discomfort due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. It may help to increase the comfort and activity levels in dogs, particularly those of older age.

Improvement in Mobility

CBD not only aids in reducing pain but also improves mobility in dogs that are older or those affected by conditions such as arthritis. By alleviating discomfort and inflammation, it can help dogs move around more comfortably and maintain a better quality of life.

Accelerates Recovery

CBD can aid in speeding up recovery after surgery or an injury. By reducing inflammation and promoting pain relief, CBD can help your pet get back on its feet more quickly.

Slows Degeneration of Joints

Chronic inflammation can lead to the degeneration of joints over time. By reducing inflammation, CBD may slow down the degenerative process, keeping your pet healthier for longer.

Reduced Dependence on Conventional Painkillers

Many conventional painkillers for dogs can have unwanted side effects, particularly with long-term use. CBD dog treats can offer a natural alternative for pain management, potentially reducing the reliance on these medications.

What Factors To Consider When Buying CBD Treats For Dogs?

When buying CBD treats for your dog, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure that you are choosing a high-quality product that is both safe and effective. Here are the factors to take into account:

Source of CBD

Ensure that the CBD in the treats is sourced from high-quality, organically-grown hemp. This reduces the risk of the product containing harmful pesticides or other chemicals.

Type of CBD

Understand the difference between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Full-spectrum contains all the natural compounds found in the hemp plant, including a small amount of THC (though not enough to be psychoactive). 

Broad-spectrum contains a range of compounds but no THC, and CBD isolate is pure CBD. The choice between them can depend on your dog’s specific needs and any legal restrictions in your area.

Third-Party Testing

Choose a brand that provides third-party lab results. This means that an independent lab has verified the contents of the product, confirming that it contains the amount of CBD claimed and that it doesn’t contain harmful levels of contaminants.


Look for products that clearly state the amount of CBD per treat. This will help you to administer the correct dosage to your dog based on its weight and the recommendations of your veterinarian.


Check the ingredients list for any additional beneficial compounds like Omega fatty acids or antioxidants. Also, be on the lookout for any ingredients that your dog might be sensitive to or allergic to.

Flavor and Palatability

Consider your dog’s preferences – some dogs might prefer a meat-flavored treat, while others might be more inclined to eat something with a more neutral flavor.

Purpose of the CBD Treats

Understand why you are giving your dog CBD treats. Is it for anxiety, joint pain, or another reason? Some products are formulated specifically for certain conditions, so choose one that fits your dog’s needs.

Veterinarian’s Recommendation

Before introducing any new supplement, including CBD, it’s always a good idea to consult your veterinarian. They can provide specific recommendations and advice on whether CBD is a good choice for your dog’s health issues.

Brand Reputation

Research the brand to ensure that they have a good reputation. Look for customer reviews and testimonials. A brand that is transparent and well-regarded is more likely to produce a high-quality product.

Price and Value

Finally, consider the price of CBD dog treats. While it’s not always the case, sometimes you get what you pay for. Don’t automatically go for the cheapest option; consider the value in terms of quality, ingredients, and the brand’s reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CBD dog treats are pet treats infused with CBD (cannabidiol), which is a non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant. They are formulated to help alleviate various ailments in dogs, including joint pain and anxiety.

Yes, CBD dog treats are generally considered safe for dogs. However, it’s essential to choose high-quality products from reputable brands and to consult your veterinarian before giving your dog any new supplement, including CBD treats.

While CBD is generally safe for dogs, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian before giving CBD treats to puppies. Young dogs have different sensitivities and needs, and a vet can guide whether CBD is appropriate for a puppy and in what dosage.

The effects of CBD dog treats can vary depending on the dog’s size, metabolism, and the severity of the symptoms being treated. Generally, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours for the CBD to take effect.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to relieve joint pain and improve mobility in dogs suffering from arthritis or other joint issues.

CBD is believed to interact with receptors in the brain that regulate mood and anxiety. CBD dog treats may help to calm anxious dogs, reducing symptoms like excessive barking, shaking, or aggression.

The amount of CBD in a dog treat can vary depending on the brand and product. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s dosing guidelines and to consult your veterinarian for personalized advice on the appropriate dosage for your dog.

Some dogs might experience mild side effects such as drowsiness, dry mouth, or changes in appetite. It is important to monitor your dog for any adverse reactions and to consult a veterinarian if you have concerns.

It’s important to consult your veterinarian before combining CBD with other medications, as CBD can interact with certain drugs.

High-quality CBD dog treats can be purchased from pet stores, veterinary clinics, and online retailers. It’s essential to choose products from reputable brands that provide lab-tested and certified CBD products.


In conclusion, our deep dive into the world of CBD dog treats reveals promising potential for helping dogs with joint pain and anxiety. 

As pet owners, we all want the best for our furry friends, and investing in high-quality CBD dog treats might be one effective way to improve their quality of life. 

Remember, it’s important to choose treats from reputable brands that use high-quality, tested CBD, and always consult your vet before introducing any new supplements to your pet’s diet. 

With careful consideration, the right CBD treats could provide your dog with much-needed relief and contribute to a happier, healthier life.

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