Dog Travel Carrier For Car/Airline Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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A dog carrier for travel is a specially designed container, often equipped with ventilation, comfort padding, and secure fastenings, providing your dog with a safe and cozy space during travel. 

Whether by car or airplane, this dedicated space significantly reduces the risk of injury and minimizes anxiety often associated with travel.

The necessity stems from a combination of safety regulations, especially for air travel, and the sheer comfort and security it offers to your pet. Travel can be stressful for animals.

Dog Travel Carrier For Car

A well-designed carrier can provide a familiar, comforting environment amidst the hustle and bustle of transit, reducing stress for both you and your pet.

The benefits of a dog carrier for travel are plentiful. Besides ensuring your pet’s safety and well-being, these carriers often come equipped with convenient features such as pockets for treats and toys, detachable bowls for food and water, and easy-to-carry handles or straps.

In this article, we aim to help you navigate the world of dog carriers. We’ve researched and reviewed top-notch products available in the market, focusing on their features, sizes, and customer reviews. 

So, buckle up, and let’s embark on a journey to find the ideal travel home for your canine companion!

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Dog Car Carrier & Airline Approved Dog Carrier Reviews

With the abundance of dog carriers for car and airplane travel available in the market, it can be quite a challenge to choose the ideal airplane dog carrier for your furry companion. To help you out, we’ve done all the research for you. 

After going through numerous dog carriers for cars or airplanes, we’ve handpicked some of the best ones just for you. Our evaluation was based on a variety of factors including features, comfort, customer reviews, and feedback.

In this article, we’ll be diving into the details of the following awesome dog sling brands. Let’s check them out!

Best Dog Travel Carrier

Size: L 16″ x W 10″ x H 11″

One of the most impressive features of the DogLine Dual Color Collapsible Pet Carrier Bag is its fully collapsible design. Traveling with your furry friend often means dealing with bulky pet carriers. 

Not with this one – it lays flat for easy travel and packing, so you’re always ready for that next adventure.

Constructed with lightweight material and a breathable mesh design, this carrier ensures that your pet can relax in a comfortable environment while getting maximum airflow. 

It’s the perfect blend of functionality and comfort, designed for dogs that weigh below 12 pounds.

Available in four vibrant dual-color options, you’re sure to find a design that matches your style and your pet’s personality. 

Whether you’re traveling by plane or taking your pet to the vet, this carrier ensures that your furry friend travels in comfort and style.

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Size: 44.5L x 27.9W x 30.5H centimetres

The Buckle-Down Pet Carrier – Scooby Doo The Mystery Machine Van, with its unique design and top-notch features,  allows your furry friend to travel with the same excitement and mystery as the Scooby-Doo gang!

This unique dog carrier, officially licensed by Scooby-Doo, is more than just an accessory. It’s an experience. Crafted with durable quilted polyester, the carrier ensures a sturdy and long-lasting structure. 

The carrier includes four mesh panels that provide sufficient ventilation and allow for easy viewing, ensuring your pet is comfortable and relaxed during their journey.

Practicality meets style with the inclusion of two durable tote-style handles for easy carrying. The removable base pad adds a layer of comfort and provides structure to the carrier. 

The carrier is designed with a convenient U-shaped zipper top entry and Velcro closures, offering easy access and secure closure.

With a carrying capacity of 18 pounds or less, it’s ideal for small to medium-sized dogs. Available in 8 amazing styles, this dog carrier is made in China and is suited for pets of all life stages. 

It’s a nod to nostalgia and a testament to style, ensuring your pet travels in the coolest carrier in town.

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Size: Small (capacity 10 lb, 16” W x 8” D x 11” H) and large (capacity 15 lbs, 18” W x 9” D x 12” H)

FurHaven All Season Pet Tote is a pet carrier that truly understands the needs of a modern pet owner. This stylish carrier doubles as a dog car seat, travel purse, or soft pet crate, redefining pet travel with style, convenience, and comfort.

The FurHaven All Season Pet Tote is crafted from high-quality, water-resistant poly-canvas fabric that guarantees longevity and resilience. 

This carrier features zippered openings for easy access, and the multiple mesh windows provide ample ventilation and visibility, making your pet’s journey comfortable and stress-free.

Safety is paramount with this carrier. It includes seatbelt straps for easy and secure attachment in your car. An interior tether allows your pet to be secured by their collar or harness, minimizing movement and risk during travel.

A unique feature of the FurHaven All Season Pet Tote is its ease of maintenance. The removable washable base allows for easy cleaning, which is an invaluable feature for a pet carrier. 

The removable padded shoulder strap offers flexibility in carrying options, depending on your needs and preferences.

Adding to the carrier’s appeal is its availability in 4 fashionable colors and 2 sizes, making it a great fit for pets of various sizes and style preferences. 

The back accessory pocket and side elastic pocket provide convenient storage for all your pet’s travel necessities. 

The inclusion of delta clips for attaching keys or pet waste bag holders further enhances its functionality.

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Size: Small carrier 15″ length x 10″ width, 8.5″ height for dog up to 8 lbs. Medium carrier  17″ length x 11″ width x 10″ height for dog up to 16 lbs. Large carrier 19″ length x 11.75″ width x 11.5″ height for dogs up to 22 lbs.

The Sherpa Dog Carrier Bag is designed with your pet’s comfort as a priority. It features mesh panels for good ventilation, ensuring a fresh and airy environment for your pet. 

The soft, cozy faux lambskin liner makes the carrier extra comfortable, and its removable and machine-washable design adds to the convenience.

One noteworthy feature of this carrier is the patented spring wire frame that allows the rear end to be pushed down several inches. This ingenious design helps the carrier conform to the under-seat dimensions of most planes, making it perfect for air travel.

Safety is not overlooked with this carrier. It features top and side entry points with locking zippers for security. Additionally, the padded carrying strap with an adjustable no-slip shoulder ensures that the carrier stays in place while you’re on the move.

Another handy feature is the rear pocket for convenient storage, a great place to keep treats, toys, or essential documents. The carrier also comes with a seatbelt strap, which can help keep your pet safe during car journeys.

Perhaps the most impressive feature is that the Sherpa Dog Carrier Bag is approved for use on most major airlines. It’s part of an exclusive Guaranteed on Board program, ensuring that your furry friend can fly in comfort and style.

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Petmate Compass dog carrier

Size: Small carrier is 19 x 12.7 x 11.5 inches and for dogs up to 10  lbs. Medium carrier is 28 x 20 x 19.2 inches and for dogs 20 to 30  lbs. Large carrier is 40 x 26.1 x 29.7 inches and for dogs 70 to 90 lbs.

PETMATE COMPASS DOG CARRIER is designed with the ultimate comfort and safety of your pet in mind. This carrier is not just a product but a commitment to your pet’s well-being.

It boasts a heavy-duty construction, complete with door latches for security, ensuring your pet’s safety is never compromised. 

The steel door and the carrier’s robust outer shell can withstand the stress of travel, meaning this carrier is not just secure, but also durable and long-lasting.

The carrier features a versatile 2-way door design, enabling easy access for pets entering and exiting the expandable entrance. It makes the carrier user-friendly, reducing stress for pets who might be unfamiliar or uncomfortable with confined spaces.

The most impressive feature of this carrier is its focus on ventilation and visibility. Ventilation openings surround the kennel, providing a steady flow of fresh air. These openings also enable your pet to see its surroundings, which can help ease anxiety during travel.

One key aspect that sets this carrier apart is its commitment to satisfying pets’ natural denning instincts. The design simulates the coziness of a den, making the carrier a comforting space for your pet.

The PETMATE COMPASS DOG CARRIER is designed to fit all shapes and sizes. This inclusivity ensures that no pet is left behind when it comes to comfortable travel.

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AmazonBasics Travel Carrier

Sizes: Small carrier fits dogs up to 13″ in length x 8″ in height and up to 8 lbs. Medium carrier fits dogs up to 16″ in length x 10″ in height and up to 16 lbs. The large carrier fits dogs up to 19″ in length x 11″ in height and up to 22 lbs.

Soft-Side Mesh Dog Travel Carrier combines functionality, comfort, and style to offer an unparalleled experience for both you and your pet.

Constructed with a focus on comfort and ventilation, the carrier features mesh panels that ensure excellent airflow, keeping your pet cool while allowing them to take in their surroundings. 

It includes a removable fleece pad that is not only plush and cozy for your pet but is also machine washable, making cleaning a breeze.

The design of this carrier is versatile, with front and top openings offering easy loading and access, complemented by sturdy zippers that ensure a secure closure. 

The convenience extends to the pet parent as well, with two connecting top handles and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying.

A distinctive aspect of this carrier is its ability to conform to the under-seat dimensions of most airlines, thanks to its spring wireframe. 

This makes it perfect for pet parents who are frequent flyers, offering peace of mind that your pet will always be by your side, safely tucked under the seat in front of you.

The recommended maximum load of 16 pounds making it suitable for small to medium-sized pets. As always, the carrier size should be chosen based on the animal’s length and height, and if the animal is heavy, it’s advised to go a size up.

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Ultimate Guide for Choosing an Airline Dog Carrier

Why Choose An Airline Approved Dog Carrier

For air travel with pets, it’s essential to have an airline-approved dog carrier. These carriers are specifically designed to meet the standards set by airlines. This ensures:

  •     Safety during the journey.
  •     Avoidance of any unexpected fees or issues at check-in.
  •     Peace of mind knowing your dog is comfortable during the flight.

Typically, they are well-ventilated, secure, and sturdy, featuring a zippered enclosure, and provide adequate space for your dog to turn around and lie down comfortably. 

Sizes can vary, with smaller versions designed to fit under airline seats for in-cabin travel, and larger, hard-sided crates for cargo-hold travel. Be sure to check with your specific airline as carrier requirements can vary.

Key Features to Look For in a Dog Carrier for Plane

Selecting the right carrier isn’t just about ensuring it meets airline standards, but it’s also about choosing one that offers maximum comfort and safety for your dog during the travel. Here’s a deep dive into the essential features to consider:

1. Size & Space: The carrier should have enough room for your dog to move. Cramped spaces can lead to anxiety and discomfort for your pet. Ensure the carrier provides ample space for your dog to turn around, lie down, and sit comfortably. 

While many carriers come with weight recommendations, always refer to the specific dimensions provided. It’s better to base your decision on your dog’s measurements rather than weight alone.

2. Ventilation: Proper ventilation is critical for a comfortable journey for your pet.

  • Mesh Panels: Look for carriers with mesh windows or panels on at least two sides, if not three. This ensures a steady flow of air, keeps the interior from getting too stuffy, and also allows your dog to look out and feel less confined.
  • Air Holes: Some hard carriers might not have mesh but should have ample ventilation holes to ensure airflow.

3. Durability: Your dog’s safety is paramount, and a durable carrier ensures they remain protected throughout the journey.

  • Material Quality: The fabric or material of the carrier should be robust and resilient. High-quality nylon or heavy-duty plastic are good choices.
  • Secure Zippers: For soft carriers, ensure zippers are sturdy and have locking mechanisms to prevent accidental escapes.
  • Reinforced Corners and Seams: These add an extra layer of protection and longevity to the carrier.

4. Accessibility: Ease of access can make your travel experience smoother and less stressful.

  • Multiple Entry Points: Carriers with doors or openings on both the top and front can be useful, especially if you need to comfort or feed your pet without taking them out.
  • Storage Pockets: Handy for storing essential items such as treats, leash, or a small toy. It’s always a plus to have everything within arm’s reach.

5. Portability: Navigating through an airport with luggage and a pet can be challenging. A portable carrier can make all the difference.

  • Shoulder Straps: They distribute the weight evenly, making it easier to carry your dog over longer distances.
  • Rolling Wheels: Ideal for larger dogs or if you have other bags to manage. It turns your carrier into a stroller-like setup.
  • Foldable Design: Especially for soft carriers, a collapsible design can be a boon. When not in use, it’s easier to store and transport.

By paying close attention to these features, you can ensure your pup not only travels safely but also enjoys the journey.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Dog Carrier for Plane

Purchasing a dog carrier for air travel is unlike buying one for regular use. Air travel has its set of challenges and rules, and it’s crucial to be aware of them. Let’s dive into key considerations when selecting a dog carrier specifically for flying:

1. Airline Regulations and Approval:

Different airlines have different specifications for pet carriers.

  • Size Restrictions: Most airlines have strict dimensions for carriers, especially if they are to be placed under the seat.
  • Labeling: Some airlines require carriers to be labeled “Live Animal” or have other specific markings.
  • Documentation Holder: A pocket or holder for keeping your dog’s health and vaccination documents can be beneficial.

2. Travel Duration:

The duration of your flight can dictate the kind of carrier you choose. For longer journeys, prioritize features like added padding, hydration, and roomier interiors to keep your dog comfortable.

3. Mode of Travel:

Are you taking a direct flight, or will there be layovers? If you’ll be switching planes, a carrier with wheels or a backpack setup might be useful for easier mobility through terminals.

4. Your Dog’s Temperament:

Different dogs react differently to confinement and travel.

  • Anxious Dogs: If your dog gets anxious, opt for carriers that allow more visibility. A familiar toy or blanket can also help.
  • Curious Dogs: Some dogs might try to chew their way out of carriers. In this case, opt for durable, chew-resistant materials.

5. Climate and Weather:

The weather conditions at both your departure and arrival destinations can influence your choice.

  • Hot Climates: Ensure maximum ventilation. Light-colored carriers can reflect sunlight and stay cooler.
  • Cold Climates: Opt for carriers that offer better insulation and perhaps include a warm blanket.

6. Cleaning and Maintenance:

Accidents can happen, especially on long flights.

  • Removable Liners or Pads: These are easier to clean or replace if your dog has an accident.
  • Waterproof Bottom: This can prevent leaks and keep the surrounding area clean.

7. Security:

Ensuring your dog remains safe and secure is paramount.

  • Sturdy Locks: Ensure that the carrier has robust locking mechanisms to prevent any accidental openings.
  • ID Tags: Always tag your carrier with your contact information in case you get separated from your pet.

8. Storage and Portability Post-Flight:

Once you land, you might not head straight to your destination.

  • Collapsible Designs: If you’re short on space, a collapsible carrier can be a boon.
  • Lightweight: Especially if you’ll be carrying the carrier around a lot post-flight.

When selecting a dog carrier for air travel, meticulous planning is essential. A well-chosen carrier not only ensures compliance with airline regulations but also guarantees a stress-free journey for your beloved pet.

Ultimate Guide for Choosing Dog Carrier For Car

A dog carrier for traveling in a car is a specially designed containment system that ensures the safety, comfort, and security of your pet while you’re on the move. 

Unlike regular carriers, these are made to be stable and secure in a vehicle, minimizing movement and potential injury. They come in various sizes to accommodate different dog breeds and as mentioned above, are typically equipped with soft padding, ventilation, and adjustable straps to secure the carrier in place. 

Some are designed as seats or harnesses that allow the dog to sit up and look out, while others are more enclosed for dogs that may need a quieter, more isolated space during travel. 

These carriers not only protect your pet from sudden stops or collisions but also keep them contained and prevent distractions for the driver.

Benefits of Using Dog Car Carrier

Using a dog carrier for car offers several benefits for both the pet and the owner:

Safety First

One of the primary reasons to use a dog carrier is safety. In the event of a sudden stop or an accident, a carrier can prevent your dog from becoming a projectile, which could cause injury to both the pet and the passengers.

Reduces Distractions

A roaming dog in a car can be a significant distraction for the driver. By containing your dog, you can focus on the road, reducing the risk of accidents.

Comfort for Your Pet

Carriers often come with soft padding or bedding, ensuring that your dog has a comfortable space during the journey. This is especially beneficial for longer trips where the dog might want to lie down and rest.

Stress Reduction

Some dogs can become anxious in moving vehicles. A familiar and confined space can provide a sense of security, reducing travel-related stress for your pet.

Controlled Environment

With a dog carrier, you can control the environment your dog is exposed to, preventing them from jumping out of windows or doors when they’re opened.

Protects Car Interiors

A carrier can protect the car’s interiors from dog hair, dander, and potential scratches or damages that can be caused by a free-roaming pet.

Health Protection

By keeping your dog in a carrier, you reduce the risk of them coming into contact with any harmful substances or sharp objects inside the car.

Emergency Preparedness

In case of an emergency or if you need to exit the vehicle quickly, having your dog in a carrier allows for swift and secure evacuation.

Ease of Travel

For pet parents planning on making stops during their journey, having a dog in a carrier makes it easier to transport them in and out of the car.

Factors To Consider When Buying Dog Carrier for Car?

Hitting the road with your canine companion can be an adventure, but ensuring their safety and comfort is paramount. When it comes to selecting a dog carrier specifically for car travel, there’s more to consider than just size and style. Let’s delve into the essential factors:

1. Safety First:

Driving with a pet can come with its own set of hazards, so safety should be at the forefront of your decision.

  • Crash-Tested: Opt for carriers that have undergone crash-testing to ensure they can protect your pet in case of an accident.
  • Secure Fastenings: The carrier should have secure fastening systems, such as adjustable straps, to anchor it safely to the car seat.

2. Size and Fit:

Comfort is key, especially on longer journeys.

  • Ample Space: Your dog should have enough room to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.
  • Not Too Large: A carrier that’s excessively big can mean your dog may tumble around during turns or sudden stops.

3. Ventilation:

Adequate airflow is essential, especially in warmer weather or during extended trips.

  • Mesh Windows: These not only provide ventilation but also allow your dog to look outside, reducing anxiety.
  • Ventilation Holes: For hard carriers, multiple ventilation holes are crucial to ensure fresh air circulation.

4. Ease of Access:

Getting your dog in and out of the carrier should be a hassle-free process.

  • Multiple Entry Points: Doors on the top or side can make it easier to load or unload your pet.

5. Durability and Material:

Ensure the carrier is made from high-quality material that is also easy to clean, especially for longer trips. Your dog’s safety and comfort are contingent on the quality of the carrier.

  • Sturdy Materials: Look for carriers made of durable, high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear.
  • Waterproof Base: This can be beneficial in case of any accidents or spills.

6. Comfort Features:

A relaxed dog is a happy traveler.

  • Padded Interior: Soft flooring can help cushion your pet against the bumps of the road.
  • Darkened Environment: Some dogs travel better when they’re in a slightly dimmed environment, so consider carriers with shades or darker mesh.

7. Cleaning and Maintenance:

Accidents can happen, especially with younger or anxious dogs.

  • Removable Liners: These make cleaning a breeze and can be replaced or washed as needed.

8. Storage and Portability:

If you travel frequently or have limited space, this is an essential consideration.

  • Collapsible Design: Soft carriers that can be folded down save space when not in use.
  • Handles and Straps: Ensure that the carrier is easy to move or carry, especially if you’ll be transferring it between vehicles.

When choosing a dog carrier for car travel, the journey’s safety and enjoyment hinge on your selection. Ensure you pick a carrier that aligns with your needs and those of your furry friend for a smooth and delightful trip.

Additional Features to Look For in a Dog Car Carrier to Enhance Travel Experience

Dog carriers can come with an array of additional features that not only improve the overall comfort of your pet but also provide convenience for you. Here are some advanced and thoughtful features to look out for:

When evaluating carriers with these features, always consider the specific needs of your pet and the nature of your travels. What might be essential for a cross-country road trip might be excessive for short drives around town. Tailoring the carrier features to your dog’s needs will ensure every journey is a joyous one! 🐶🚘💼

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When selecting a carrier, consider your dog’s size, the carrier’s comfort, durability, and ventilation. Check if it complies with airline regulations if you plan on air travel.

Yes, there are carriers specifically designed to meet airline standards. Always check with your airline for their specific pet carrier regulations before purchasing.

Yes, many dog carriers are versatile and can be used for both car and airplane travel. However, make sure they meet airline requirements if you plan to fly.

The safest way to travel with your dog in the car is by using a crash-tested carrier or a safety harness. These can secure your dog and prevent injuries in case of an accident.

To ensure comfort, choose a carrier with ample space for your dog to move around. Soft bedding, toys, and familiar scents can also help keep your dog calm and comfortable.

Yes, good ventilation is critical in a dog carrier to ensure your pet gets adequate airflow, especially during long journeys.

Special features might include food and water bowls, pockets for storage, a top opening for easy access, and a washable pad for cleaning up accidents.

While most are designed to meet general airline regulations, rules may vary between airlines. It’s essential to verify the specific requirements of your chosen airline before traveling.

Airline-approved dog crates are typically hard-sided for durability, have secure locks, and are well-ventilated. They should provide enough space for your dog to stand, turn, and lie down comfortably.

Airline-approved dog crates are typically hard-sided for durability, have secure locks, and are well-ventilated. They should provide enough space for your dog to stand, turn, and lie down comfortably.

Always check the specific requirements of your airline, as some may require additional features, such as food and water bowls.

The kennel size that fits under an airplane seat largely depends on the specific airline’s guidelines. However, generally, the dimensions for under-seat kennels are around 17″ long x 10″ wide x 11″ high. 

Soft-sided carriers are often preferred for under-seat use because they can flex slightly to fit the space. Be sure to check the exact requirements of your chosen airline for in-cabin pet travel.

Consider packing a familiar blanket or toy for comfort, collapsible food and water dishes, and treats. Always have waste bags handy as well. For airline travel, check with the airline for specific rules.

Key features include size and comfort, safety (such as secure fastenings and internal leash clips), durability, and ease of cleaning. Also, consider a carrier with good ventilation and access points.


Selecting the ideal dog carrier for travel by car or airplane isn’t just a buying decision, it’s a pivotal step in ensuring your pet’s safety, comfort, and happiness during journeys. 

The options detailed in this article offer a range of features to cater to various needs and preferences. Keep in mind your pet’s size, the carrier’s durability, ventilation, and overall convenience when choosing. 

Whether it’s a short drive to the vet or an overseas flight, the right carrier can transform any trip into a pleasant experience for you and your furry friend. Safe travels to you and your four-legged companion!

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