Dog Shoes for Hot Pavement During Summer

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Dog owners and lovers understand that their furry friends require special attention and care, not just with food and shelter, but also in the way they are protected from the elements. 

One such important aspect, often overlooked, is protecting a dog’s paws from extreme weather conditions. In this article, we will be delving into detailed reviews of the best dog shoes available for the summer season.

You might be wondering, why dogs need shoes in the summer. Contrary to popular belief, the hot and often abrasive surfaces dogs walk on during summer, such as asphalt and sand, can cause discomfort and even injury to their paws.

Dog Shoes For Summer

Just as we protect our feet with shoes, dogs also need protection from extreme temperatures, rough surfaces, and foreign objects that may cause harm. 

Moreover, dog shoes can also help in providing traction on slippery surfaces, which is beneficial year-round.

In this article, we will not only provide reviews of the best dog shoes available in the market, but we will also guide you on the factors you need to consider before purchasing shoes for your beloved pet. 

Remember, a happy dog means a happy owner! Stay tuned to learn more about how dog shoes can be beneficial and make your dog’s summer outings a pleasant experience.

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Dog Shoes for Summer Reviews

With the abundance of dog shoes available in the market, it can be quite a challenge to choose the ideal summer shoes for your furry companion. To help you out, we’ve done all the research for you. 

After going through numerous dog summer shoes, we’ve handpicked some of the best ones just for you. Our evaluation was based on a variety of factors including features, comfort, customer reviews, and feedback.

In this article, we’ll be diving into the details of the following awesome summer dog shoe brands. Let’s check them out!

Best Dog Shoes For Summer

Kurgo Blaze Cross Dog Shoes

The summer season can be challenging for dogs, as the hot and abrasive surfaces they walk on, such as asphalt and sand, can cause discomfort and even injury to their paws. 

The Kurgo Blaze Cross Dog Shoes, made with tightly woven nylon mesh and synthetic leather uppers, offer a solution that protects your dog’s paws from heat, glass, thorns, and other hazards. 

These breathable and lightweight shoes come with ergonomic non-slip rubber soles that mimic the structure of a dog’s paw, making them a natural fit for your furry friend.

The Kurgo Blaze Cross Dog Shoes are durable and made to last using water-resistant ripstop material. They feature an adjustable double ankle closure system to provide better support and keep your dog’s paws secure. 

Additionally, they come with reflective strips to help keep your furry friend visible and safe during the dark. Each set includes four booties and is available in six different sizes to fit dogs of most breed sizes.

Moreover, these shoes are not just for summer; they are all-season dog boots. They can protect paws from hot pavements in summer and from ice and snow in winter. 

They are also ideal for protecting paws from uneven terrain and thorns when camping or hiking. The customizable foot guards have a reflective property that enhances visibility in dim light, are feather-light, and are designed ergonomically

The tight weave breathable mesh ensures ventilation, and the dog boots are adjustable for a custom fit, so they don’t fall off when in motion.

Furthermore, the water-resistant nature of these dog paw boots makes them suitable for use in light rain, snow, and ice. The ripstop leather upper and sole, designed to mimic the structure of a dog’s paw, make these shoes a practical choice for any dog owner.

When selecting a size, it is recommended to measure your dog while standing on a ruler at the widest part of the paw. Measuring the dog while lying down is not recommended. For the best fit, refer to the Kurgo size chart in the images.

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The Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots, made from water-resistant nylon, are designed to be the perfect all-purpose dog booties for hot, wet, or cold conditions.

The patented design features a toe and sole coated in ToughTek, a high-grip, flexible skid-resistant thermoplastic coating. 

This ensures that your dog has a firm grip on any surface, making these boots ideally suited to help older dogs and those with hip issues maintain traction on hardwood and tile floors.

Additionally, the dual fuzzy fastener closures with foam pad inserts provide a comfortable snug fit, offering extra protection for both the backs and fronts of your pup’s ankles. 

Available in two colors and six sizes, these boots are designed to fit dogs of all sizes.

The Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots are not just high-quality and extra-durable, but they are also a versatile solution for senior dogs and those with hip conditions. 

Ensuring that your dog can maintain traction on slippery surfaces is crucial for their safety and well-being. This set of four boots is available in two colors and six sizes, making it suitable to protect the paws of almost all canine companions.

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BarkBrite Dog Hiking Boots

The Bark Brite Dog Booties are designed to serve as your dog’s all-weather companion, suitable for activities like hiking, hunting, swimming, and running. Moreover, these booties are perfect for summer, doubling as rain boots during the wet seasons.

The Bark Brite Dog Booties are crafted using high-quality breathable neoprene, which conforms to your dog’s paw shape without restricting their natural movements. Durability is a key feature of these shoes, offering puncture resistance and water resistance. 

The non-skid soft rubber sole with treads ensures your dog’s paws remain dry, clean, and protected from sharp objects, rocky surfaces, hot asphalt, and wet, slippery terrains.

Flexibility and comfort are paramount, and these booties come with two elastic reflective straps that offer high visibility and flexible adjustment for a secure and comfortable fit.

Additionally, they are easy to put on and clean, making them convenient for daily use. An upgraded heel guard adds an extra layer of durability to the shoes.

The Bark Brite Dog Booties are available in five sizes, with each set including four shoes. These boots are designed to conform to your dog’s natural paw shape, offering a spandex-like fit. 

If a looser fit is preferred, it is recommended to size up. These water-resistant shoes are perfect for outdoor activities in all weather conditions, whether it be light snow, rain, or dry heat of summer.

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HiPaw Dog shoes for summer

The HiPaw Summer Breathable Dog Boot with Reflective Strap and Rugged Nonslip Sole is specially designed to address the challenges of hot and muggy weather, your dog’s face in summer. These provide the ultimate protection for your dog’s paws during the summer months

The breathability of these boots is a key feature, with the mesh material ensuring that your dog’s paws stay cool and comfortable, preventing them from becoming muggy and hot. This is particularly important during summer when the temperatures soar.

In addition to breathability, the rugged rubber sole of these boots is anti-slip and durable, protecting your dog’s paws from rubbles, sharp thorns, and both cold and hot pavements. This ensures that your pet can enjoy outdoor activities safely and comfortably.

The design of these boots also includes a fully covered front toe cap made of rubber, adding an extra layer of protection for your dog’s paws during outdoor activities.

The boots come with magic tape straps that are adjustable, making them convenient to put on and take off. This ensures a snug fit for your dog’s paws, keeping the boots securely in place during activities.

Lastly, the reflective tape design ensures your pet’s safety in the dark, making these boots suitable for evening walks or runs.

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Qumy Dog Shoes for Summer

Summer, with its hot pavements and sharp thorns, presents a unique set of challenges for your dog’s paws. QUMY Dog Shoes with Reflective Strips are designed to address these challenges and provide a secure, adjustable, and fashionable solution for your dog during the summer months.

The construction of these canine shoes allows for effortless application and removal, attributed to a broad split seam aperture and a pair of adjustable, reflective bands. 

These characteristics not only guarantee a secure fit but also heighten your pet’s safety during nocturnal strolls.

The rugged, anti-slip rubber sole provides stability and traction, protecting your dog’s paws from sharp thorns and hot pavement. This is particularly important during summer when the ground can become extremely hot and potentially harmful to your dog’s paws.

The quality of these dog boots is evident in the high-quality fabrics used and the meticulous sewing process that brings them together. This ensures the boots are durable and ready for any adventure you and your dog embark on.

In addition to being functional, QUMY dog boots are also fashionable. They feature cute pet paw embroidery, with the paws’ side being the outside. The boots are soft and hand-washable, making them easy to maintain.

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D Dog Shoes Summer

Dociote Breathable Summer Pet Shoes are made with light and soft fabrics that won’t hurt your pet’s paws, while the mesh design ensures breathability and comfort, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The wear-resistant anti-slip sole provides stability and traction, preventing paws from sharp thorns and hot pavement. Additionally, the front toe is fully covered by rubber, enhancing paw protection during outdoor activities.

The hook and loop straps are adjustable, ensuring a suitable fit for your dog. The reflective straps enhance visibility, ensuring a safe walk at night. 

Furthermore, the shoes are lightweight and easy to put on or take off, thanks to the wide split seam top opening. 

The boots are fastened firmly by two adjustable straps, preventing slipping off and supplying a customized tightness for secure closure.

Overall, Dociote Breathable Summer Pet Shoes provide comprehensive protection for your dog’s paws while ensuring comfort and convenience, making them a perfect choice for the summer season.

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Qumy Dog Shoes for Hot Pavement

Constructed with tightly woven air mesh, QUMY Dog Summer shoes keep dirt and debris out while remaining comfortable and ventilated throughout the day, making them perfect for the summer season. 

The shoes are designed with a wide split seam opening, making them easy to put on and take off. Additionally, the two adjustable and reflective straps ensure a secure fit while enhancing your dog’s safety during nighttime walks.

The rugged anti-slip sole provides stability and traction while protecting your dog’s paws from sharp objects and scorching pavement. 

Furthermore, the high-quality fabrics used in the construction of these shoes are light and soft, ensuring a comfortable and smooth adventure or walk for your pet.

The fashionable design of QUMY Dog Summer Shoes is also worth mentioning. The shoes not only serve a functional purpose but also make a fashion statement, making your dog stand out from the crowd.

Overall, QUMY Dog Summer Shoes offer a comprehensive solution for protecting your dog’s paws from hot pavement and other hazards during the summer season, while also keeping them stylish and comfortable.

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CovertSafe Dog Shoes for Hot Pavement

The rugged anti-slip sole of CovertSafe Outdoor Dog Shoes provides the necessary stability and traction required for your dog to walk comfortably while offering protection from sharp thorns and hot pavements.

The quality of these shoes is reflected in the high-quality fabrics used and the precise sewing that binds them together, ensuring they are ready for any adventure.

In addition to their functional attributes, CovertSafe Outdoor Dog Shoes also have a fashionable side. The cute pet paw embroidery on the outside adds a touch of style, while the soft fabric ensures the shoes are hand-washable, making maintenance a breeze.

Putting on and taking off these shoes is hassle-free, thanks to the wide split seam opening. The two adjustable and reflective velcro straps ensure a tight fit while also enhancing your dog’s safety during nighttime walks.

Overall, CovertSafe Outdoor Dog Shoes offer a comprehensive solution for your dog’s paw protection needs during the summer season, combining functionality, comfort, and style.

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Why Should Your Dog Wear Shoes in Summer?

Ensuring the comfort and safety of your dog is paramount, and the summer season brings its own set of challenges. As temperatures rise, so does the temperature of the surfaces we walk on. 

Asphalt, concrete, and even sand can become extremely hot and can cause burns on your dog’s paws. Additionally, summer is a time for outdoor activities, and this can expose your dog’s paws to sharp objects like rocks, thorns, and glass shards. 

Wearing shoes can also protect your dog from harmful chemicals like pesticides or fertilizers that are commonly used in parks and gardens during the summer. 

Furthermore, some dogs are prone to allergies, and contact with grass, pollen, or other allergens can cause discomfort and irritation. Shoes can help minimize contact with these allergens. 

Thus, wearing shoes in summer can protect your dog from burns, injuries, chemicals, and allergens, making their outdoor experiences much more enjoyable.

What Are The Benefits Of Dog Summer Shoes?

Dog summer shoes offer a range of benefits for our four-legged friends during the warmer months. Let’s delve into the primary advantages:

Protection from Hot Surfaces

One of the most crucial reasons to consider dog shoes in the summer is to protect your pet’s paws from hot asphalt, concrete, sand, or any other sunbaked surfaces that can cause burns.

Enhanced Traction

Many dog shoes come with rubber or textured soles which provide better grip. This can be especially helpful on slippery surfaces, like near pool areas.

Prevents Injuries

Besides hot surfaces, there can be other hazards on the ground such as broken glass, sharp stones, thorns, or even some aggressive insects. Shoes can shield the paws from these dangers.

Paw Health

Dog shoes can prevent the paws from drying out or cracking. They can also stop your dog from licking any irritating chemicals, allergens, or toxins they might step on.

Minimizes Allergens

Some dogs are sensitive to grass and other allergens. Shoes can help reduce their exposure and any subsequent reactions.

Keeps Indoor Spaces Clean

If you’re walking your dog in areas where there’s a lot of dust, mud, or puddles, shoes can help keep those paws cleaner and reduce the amount of dirt they bring indoors.

Protects Water-Intolerant Breeds

Not all dogs have webbed feet or enjoy water. If you’re planning to walk near water bodies, shoes can keep paws dry and make the experience more pleasant for breeds that don’t particularly like getting wet.

Fashion and Aesthetics

While the primary focus is protection, many dog owners also appreciate the style element that shoes can bring. There are various designs available, allowing pet owners to choose something that matches their dog’s personality.

Helpful for Medical Conditions

If a dog has a foot injury or some medical condition that requires their feet to remain clean or shielded from direct contact with the ground, summer shoes can be beneficial.

Decreases Wear on Pads

Just like human shoes protect our feet, dog shoes can reduce the natural wear and tear that happens on a dog’s paw pads, especially if they’re walking on abrasive surfaces regularly.

Enhanced Swimming Safety

For dogs who swim, shoes can offer protection against sharp objects hidden beneath the water, like rocks, shells, or submerged pieces of glass.

Protection from Pesticides & Chemicals

During summer, lawns and gardens might be treated with chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides. Shoes can prevent direct contact, protecting your dog from potential skin irritations or ingestion if they lick their paws.

Reduced Paw Discoloration

Some dogs have lighter-colored fur on their paws. Walking on dirt, grass, or other surfaces can stain their fur. Shoes can prevent this discoloration.

Support for Elderly Dogs

Aging dogs might have weaker joints and bones. Certain shoe designs offer additional support, helping senior dogs to walk with more confidence and comfort.

Protection from Parasites

In some areas, the ground can be teeming with parasites like ticks. While shoes aren’t a complete deterrent, they can reduce the risk of such pests latching onto the paw area.

Better Hiking Experience

If you’re someone who likes to take your dog on hikes, shoes can give them a better grip on rocky terrains and shield their paws from sharp objects.

Assistance for Dogs with Mobility Issues

Some specially designed shoes offer extra grip for dogs with mobility challenges, making it easier for them to move around, especially on slippery floors.

Healing Aid

For dogs with cuts or wounds on their paws, shoes can act as a protective barrier, preventing them from licking or biting the injured area and reducing the chance of infections.

Reduced Licking & Biting

Some dogs have a habit of excessively licking or biting their paws due to allergies or other irritants. Shoes can act as a barrier, reducing this behavior.

Protection from UV Rays

Just like human skin, a dog’s paws can be sensitive to prolonged exposure to harsh UV rays. Some dog shoes come with UV protection, shielding their paws from potential harm.

Economic Benefit

Investing in dog shoes can lead to savings in the long run by potentially reducing the number of visits to the vet for paw-related issues.

What Factors To Consider When Buying Dog Shoes for Summer?

When buying dog shoes for the summer, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you choose the best pair for your furry friend:


Look for breathable and lightweight materials like mesh or neoprene that will keep your dog’s paws cool and comfortable in the summer heat.


The sole of the shoe should be rugged and anti-slip to provide stability and traction on various surfaces. It should also provide protection from hot pavement, sharp objects, and other hazards.


It’s crucial to choose the right size for your dog. Measure your dog’s paws carefully and compare them to the manufacturer’s sizing chart. The shoes should fit snugly but not too tightly.


Adjustable straps or velcro closures will help to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Reflective straps are a bonus as they enhance visibility during night walks.


Choose shoes that are made with high-quality materials and are well-constructed to ensure they last a long time, even with regular use.

Ease of Use

The shoes should be easy to put on and take off. Wide split seam openings and adjustable straps can make this process easier.


Although this is less important than the other factors, you may also want to consider the design and color of the shoes. Some people prefer a stylish and fashionable design that matches their dog’s personality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dog shoes help protect your pet’s paws from hot pavements, sharp objects, thorns, and other hazards that they might encounter during their summer walks or adventures.

Yes, most dog shoes designed for summer are made of breathable materials to prevent your dog’s paws from getting muggy and hot.

Measure your dog’s paws and compare them with the size chart provided by the manufacturer. Usually, you’ll need to measure the width and length of the paws.

Yes, most dog shoes come with adjustable straps to ensure a snug and comfortable fit for your dog.

Yes, most summer dog shoes have rugged, anti-slip soles that provide stability and protection on rough and uneven terrains.

Most dog shoes are water-resistant, making them suitable for light rain or wet surfaces.

Most dog shoes can be hand-washed with mild soap and air-dried. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning guidelines.

Yes, the dog shoes can be worn indoors, especially if you have slippery floors. They provide traction and prevent your dog from slipping.

Dog shoes are designed to be as comfortable as possible and should not affect your dog’s natural gait. However, it may take some time for your dog to get used to wearing them.

It is recommended to start with short periods of time and gradually increase as your dog gets used to the shoes. It is not advisable to keep the shoes on for extended periods of time without checking for any signs of discomfort or irritation.

Many dog shoes come with reflective straps or tape to enhance visibility during night walks, but they vary by brand and model.

Yes, most dog shoes are made with high-quality materials and rugged soles to ensure durability and longevity.

While some dog shoes are suitable for all seasons, others are specifically designed for summer or winter. Check the product specifications and manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure they are suitable for your intended use.

It is important to introduce dog shoes gradually. Start by letting your dog wear the shoes for short periods of time indoors, and gradually increase the duration as your dog gets more comfortable. Positive reinforcement with treats and praise can also help your dog associate the shoes with positive experiences.

To measure your dog’s paws, have your dog stand on a piece of paper and mark the width and length of the paw including the toenails. Measure the distance between the marks to get the size. Compare your measurements with the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer.

Some dog shoes are water-resistant or waterproof, while others are not. Check the product description and specifications to confirm.

Most dog shoes can be hand-washed with mild soap and water. Check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer for specific cleaning recommendations.

Yes, many dog shoes are suitable for use on the beach. They can protect your dog’s paws from hot sand, sharp shells, and other hazards. However, it’s always advisable to check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

There might be an initial period of adjustment as your dog gets used to the sensation of wearing shoes. It’s important to start with short periods of time and gradually increase as your dog gets more comfortable.

Some dog shoes come with padding or extra support, while others do not. Check the product specifications for details on padding and support.

Dog shoes can provide some level of protection against snake bites, but they are not a guaranteed safeguard. It’s always important to be vigilant and take precautions when walking in areas where snakes may be present.


In the blazing months of summer, the well-being of our canine companions extends beyond hydration and shade. As we’ve explored in this article, the scorching pavement can be as damaging to our dog’s paws as extreme cold. 

Investing in the best dog shoes is not just about making a style statement but ensuring their paws are protected against the challenges of summer. 

After reviewing multiple options, it’s evident that there’s a perfect fit for every dog, whether you prioritize durability, comfort, design, or breathability. Remember, a comfortable dog is a happy dog. 

As you gear up for your summer adventures, don’t forget those four little paws trotting alongside you. Protect them with the best dog shoes and let your furry friend enjoy the season with as much enthusiasm as you do.

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